Life is full of ironies and more times than not a sweet lesson can be found in the midst of those beautifully puzzling moments. As I’m preparing for my week and taking the steps necessary to relaunch the site I decide to hit up a friend of mine to grab a bite to eat. With so many things on my mind and so many pressures seemingly on my shoulders, I just needed to vent. She proceeds to tell me she submitted herself to be a part of a casting call for a modeling project. Vowing to keep an open mind to all the paths life may take me, I began to inquire about the photoshoot and the people behind it. I searched their IG page but was unsuccessful due to the privacy settings so I went the alternative route and visited their website. The group is called Trebor Entertainment Group and their venture is called the Stud Model Project.

SMP is in their own words, “A non-profit modeling company providing various free services to qualified female stud models. Our goal here at SMP is to blur the lines in the modeling industry by showing that women can model menswear. Our overall vision is to see one or more of our female stud models signed by a major modeling agency to model menswear.”


Pictured: Nikkia Slade IG: Mixed_Breed_Kidd (click Photo for her page)

Being that I am someone who doesn’t identify with labels had my preconceived notions on the project based off of the name alone. However as I stated earlier, I vowed to be open to the Universe and the paths God has for me and my life. Upon our arrival I decided to stay back and give my friend the opportunity to present herself professionally and then inquire if it were okay for me to hang around. She lets me know it’s cool and I am welcomed by two kind and lively personalities. One being Teresa the founder and her assistant Danielle.

The environment was very relaxed and even if a model may have been nervous I could see their fears being able to subside easily. We chatted about everything from our individual ventures and visions to the power of the law of attraction. I went into this with the intention to support my friend and expand my comfort zone by being more social and forth coming and building with a fellow entrepreneur. What I can say is this; the very thing that we sometimes struggle with getting others to understand and see are the very things we fail to see in and around us.

People spend so much time worrying about the validity and of someone else’s dream or attempt at life. So much that they believe they can’t try because of fear that others will project that same energy onto them. I’m very unsure when the word model became so taboo or if it really is at all. Maybe it’s just a piece of negative energy brought on by people who are afraid to try things. Or maybe it’s people who aren’t brave enough to stand behind a camera and bare their soul. Maybe I just see it differently now; the picture isn’t about the face or the body or even the person in it. It’s art. It’s the ability to capture ones true essence, spirit, and soul. It’s an intricate yet brief dance between photographer and subject.

The beauty of the photograph should lie in the moment. It’s more than a label, it’s bigger than sexuality, it’s simply appreciation of beauty no matter the package it may come wrapped in.

The SMP in my words is simply something that is courageous and ahead of our time but necessary to spark the conversations and break ground. I fully support their vision and wish them the utmost success. I am more than grateful for the amazing photo that was captured in our Believe tank. In a world where we fight so hard for acceptance without first accepting ourselves and our peers I hope I am fortunate enough to cross paths with many more entrepreneurs who are fearless in their readiness to build. People who know it’s okay to support one another and if this is the beginning of that type of journey, it couldn’t have begun in a better place. Thank you for SMP for allowing me to hang around your set and for letting my brand be a part of your photoshoot.

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