I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie or anything considering the fact that I am highly picky when it comes to food. I do however have some greedy friends…or a greedy friend that will find some of the best food spots no matter where you decide to travel. One day while discussing a potential birthday trip for her 30th birthday she decides on a final destination of California. I immediately become excited because I’d been to Cali quite a few times before and it’s one of my favorite places. So much that I’ve even considered moving there multiple times. Being as though said friend is so dramatic this trip was discussed daily until we boarded our flights to actually go.

As we are searching accommodations and locations I happened to come across a picture of some chicken biscuits. As bad as it sounds I wasn’t so much drawn into the picture by the actual fact of it being biscuits but more so because it was aesthetically pleasing. Image-1Not to mention the the obvious curiosity of who just bought that many chicken sandwiches and why? It was laying smack in the middle of my explore page so I click the picture and proceed to read the caption which led me to the good folks at Free Range LA. I began to search their page and immediately went to look at their website. I already knew we were headed to Cali and took this as divine confirmation that I was walking my path. We had to find this truck! I’m unsure if I texted immediately to say I had a new find because normally I’m the one being put on to food spots or if I waited until our next chat. However, what I do know is that for the next few months as we anticipated our trip to Cali, we constantly sent screenshots of whatever was posted on that page counting down until we found that truck.

Here we are in Cali it’s our 4th day there and we are supposed to head out in search for the food truck. It had been raining all night, I didn’t know what was going on because I was suffering of massive paranoia because the backyard was so big and had all those palm trees I felt like we were scheduled to die in a typical horror story. With that being said I didn’t sleep at all through the night. I hear my phone buzz to deliver me the message that the food truck is closed due to inclement weather.Image-1

I honestly couldn’t tell you how I felt at the moment but what I do know now is that I would have been missing out on an experience that is difficult to explain but I will most definitely try my best. My friend however was devastated…or once again, dramatic. The plan was to seek out the truck the next morning which I was happy about because after that day and night I previously had, I just wanted to be left alone and not have to worry about anything except who was pouring the mimosas. So here we are the next morning and I’m looking forward to my breakfast biscuit but due to something I would love to refer to as “Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events” I came up short twice. At this point I completely wrote off the idea of even getting biscuits as we had planned to take some of our counterparts to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles again.

Much to my delight my friend was adamant about seeking out the food truck. We searched their Instagram for an exact location proceeded to get the rental home cleared out for our departure and we headed down towards Melrose anxious as ever. We get to the area and it’s a complete ghost town. (The look on my friends face was a priceless masterpiece of sheer disappointment and trying to not show said disappointment). The cool thing about it however is that we happened to park directly in front of the Dash store and I got to the see remnants of the Yeezus pop up shop.Image-1

Determined to not give in we decided to just explore the area. We walk past numerous nice shops exchange gracious Sunday morning hellos with a few people and then we strike gold!!!! I see the rows of trucks and vans lined down the alley. I can smell various oils and foods as my eyes lock in so much culture from the people to the products and services being offered in the market. As we wander in search of the Free Range truck I see some of the most beautiful berries I’d seen and regretfully I didn’t have any cash on hand. Image-1As my discontentment aroused it dawned on me that if we did in fact find the truck if they didn’t accept cards our mission had hit another bump in the road. At this point I didn’t even take in the entire scene as I wanted to find out if I needed to leave the market in search of an ATM. We approach a line but one far modest in comparison to anything I had expected but we also arrived just as it was opening so that means people were waiting to get their fix. I see the team working so efficiently and cohesively and as I smell the chicken and biscuits I want everything on the menu. I’m sure I changed my mind a million times and again three more while placing my order. As I’m waiting for my card to process I ask if I can take pictures and the guy lets me know its more than okay and inquires about where I was from. Image-1I tell him Virginia and he his eyes expand letting me know he was slightly in awe. I tell him I found his page from someone on Instagram and he immediately asks if it were Wale, at the time I couldn’t remember so I said yes when it was actually Upscale Vandal. I proceed to ask him if he was Shoe Wolf and he humbly said yes with a smirk. I had come across his page via the Free Range Instagram page. For all the sneaker enthusiasts he’s a good page to follow. I order two biscuits in case they’re so good I can have one for later, a side of potatoes, and a bottle of their signature honey srirachi to take back home. I receive my order and proceed to the car so I can eat it while the others wait since I was driving. Image-1I open my perfectly packaged box to the smell of perfectly fried chicken and home baked biscuits. I search for my potatoes and dump them into the box removing the extra biscuit to keep it wrapped so it can stay fresh. I taste the potatoes and they are fried perfectly with just the right amount of seasoning that I didn’t even have to use ketchup. Not knowing the portion size of the chicken biscuit I completely underestimated my approach and had to readjust just so I could get a bite of the massive biscuit. I took a bite and got the perfect mouth sized portion of biscuit, chicken, and their signature slaw (which is amazing). After trying everything without condiments to get the raw flavor and taste I made a pond of ketchup for my potatoes and drizzled my chicken biscuit in honey srirachi and the rest is history. Image-1I was beyond satisfied and the although the portions are more than gracious, the food didn’t sit heavily in my stomach. Free range offers more than just chicken biscuits and I suggest anyone in or visiting the LA area to seek them out and treat yourself. The food is amazing and I can’t wait until my next visit to try something else, although I’m more than certain I’ll be getting a chicken biscuit on the side for later. Image-1

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