When enthralled in the world of the internet sometimes it can be difficult to find your voice. If you’ve found your voice it can be uncomfortable and somewhat discouraging to speak your truth. These days it seems chaos, negativity, and invalid criticism drown out all that is positive and good. Sometimes this negativity is masked as “jokes” others as off kilter memes. I often wonder when we transitioned into a world or culture where it’s more admirable to be cynical, disrespectful, and unsupportive of your peers as opposed to lifting them up. Everyone has all of the answers yet no one is taking the steps to enhance their lives. Our peers are seeking worth through social validation when all they offer are selfies and echo sentiments of not needing anyone. Meanwhile there are those who are seeking change as well as those who are trying to actively initiate change but get placed in a cliche box.

People would rather admire sneakers and selfies than read an encouraging word. They would rather reveal their naked bodies than share their naked souls. Things, things, and more things are all I see. Things people work long hours to obtain. Things people choose to work jobs they hate everyday just to say they have. This doesn’t apply to all but it definitely applies to most. I see things but I don’t see vision. I see likes but I don’t see depth. Where’s the longing and pursuit of growth. Where’s the positivity and depth? Where is the balance?

Don’t get me wrong I am a person that definitely can appreciate nice things and will spend what some would consider to be excessively on a few items that I like. What I don’t do however is let those things define me. I’d rather spread love and positivity, something we all can easily obtain, and experience as opposed to posting my belongings online for a bunch of strangers. So with that being said; how’s your vision? How do you plan on maintaining the image you give off to the world? What do you have to offer the world besides material things and fleeting beauty? Are you passionate about anything, what would you be doing or posting about if you lost everything you had because without warning or notice it can all be taken away.

I find that most people secretly want change in and around their lives but most don’t know how to obtain said change. The others are afraid of all that can potentially come with those changes to include loss of friendships, relationships, not being understood, and not fitting in. Outside of the natural fears that come with changing your lifestyle completely is the obvious question of where to begin?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to incite change into your life is a vision board. Vision boards have been around since the beginning of time and thanks to social media are becoming more and more prevalent. I made my first vision board in 2011, it was simple and as opposed to the traditional way of physically making a vision board I did mine virtually. Image-1At this point in time I didn’t have a vision in mind but more so a lifestyle that I thought I wanted to live and perceived to be considered living successfully. Although my intention and vision wasn’t purposeful I was journeying in the right direction. Upon making this vision board and taking time every day to meditate over it, ideas began to formulate in my mind. If you take a look at that last black banner on the initial board where it says, “Art Music Light” my real vision was birthed. I began to play with those words and decided to come up with an acronym thus birthing what you now see before you as The LAME Way™. You see you don’t have to have it all figured out to begin the process of making a vision board, the beauty in it is that it more times that not will set your path in motion and can lead you to your purpose.

Fast forward about a year later as I was reevaluating things and revamping my vision board it became more detailed. At this point I thought I was really on to something and all these things would miraculously somehow appear over time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Image-1So here I go placing things all over this intricate little virtual board. Yes, it was more detailed but it also was filled with more of the same things. There was nothing wrong with my vision because there’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things however my focus was way off. That year I took the steps to legitimately formulate a business and Unconventional Ambition, LLC was formed. At this point I was completely unsure of how I would fund my business and how things would turn out. Six months later I decided it’s time to revise my vision board again. This time I focused on emotions, feelings, and all the intangible things life had to offer. Forget the things that would come from me being successful, I had to first figure out how I was going to achieve said success. Being as though the story is still being written I’m going to leave this portion open ended. Just know that a year later I was in the process of building the first version of this website, I had logos in tact and was on my way to sponsoring a team in the annual Ukrop 10K in Richmond, Va. As a result of this I manufactured my first product which was our signature BELIEVE tee. It’s been a year and I have manufactured 11 products that have each sold out respectively.

If you are having trouble manufacturing a vision board a great idea is throw a vision board party. Some people like to do vision boards at the close of a year to prepare for the one that is to come. Image-1Some people make and/or revise them whenever they feel moved. If throwing a vision board party is something you may be interested in here’s a few tips to help point you in the right direction. I attended my first vision board party at the close of 2014. The hostess had boards and supplies already on site with a suggestion that you bring magazines to add to the selections as well as your drink of choice. The party that I attended food was provided but if looking to be cost effective the pot luck approach works perfectly fine. Add some subtle music in the background depending on the ambience you Image-1choose to set and you’re all ready to go. It’s a great idea to have a variety of magazines so you’re not honed into one specific genre or category. The bigger the variety the more creative you can be. Naturally a nice healthy dialogue will ensue and you’ve turned a simple night into a productive get together with purpose. Depending on your crowd a nice touch to close out the evening is the option to share your boards among the group. Image-1Seeing as though this is likely to occur in a personal setting most people should be comfortable and if they aren’t that’s perfectly okay as well. If your vision party occurs in a bigger setting I would leave the option to share open but wouldn’t be discouraged if participants choose to not share.

One thing about dreams and goals is that they are for you and others may not understand. With that being said you must protect your vision, dreams, and goals. Everyone isn’t worthy of hearing them because they may not even think they have the capacity to dream themselves. Sometimes our biggest deterrents are those closest to us; family, friends, significant others. Protect your dreams and always be willing to revise your vision. There are no rules to journeying your path of fulling your purpose on this Earth and everyone’s journey is unique. Support those who are courageous enough to take those leaps of faith and keep in mind that they may stumble along the way. When this happens you never know how far a word of encouragement may go in manifesting their dream to reality. If you have already begun your path remember where you started and never forget to lend a helping hand where it may be needed.

We were all birthed with a purpose somewhere along the lines it can be blurred by life and circumstances. One thing is for certain no matter if we can identify our purpose or not we all have an ideal vision for our lives. I dare you to put that vision to paper and see where it takes you. There’s no set time to begin and it’s never too late. Whether it be the close of a current year, the beginning of a new year, or a random day take the time and nurture your vision make it plain. Go into it with the intention that your purpose will be revealed and pray for the strength and courage to see it through. Peace, blessings, and manifestation!!!


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