Image-1 Many times when we instinctively form opinions we do so blindly. We formulate a scenario in our heads; some of us do so mentally others through their internal voice. Speaking of internal, why have people told us our whole lives that talking to yourself classifies you as “crazy”? Am I the only one that runs through things in my mind before acting or reacting? So what if you happen to do it verbally from time to time, maybe your ears need to receive the vibration which could possibly give you another perspective on the matter. I feel like not doing so can more times than not place one in a position to make a bad decision. Without internal reasoning your actions then become irrational and impulsive.

When your actions are impulsive you begin to stir up bad karma in the form of bad decisions. If stillness doesn’t ensue soon a major snowball effect could be on it’s way and your life can hit all kinds of new lows. So in order to maintain good energy and assist in the manifestation of our life’s purposeful journey we must always go inward. Remove yourself from a situation, look into the situation, and we must do this not from our ego but from our soul.

Ego is filled with criticism, negativity, shaming (feeling the need to “humble” people), worrying about what others would think, etc. The soul knows and feels pain but it also does it’s best to understand that whatever may be causing us pain is here to teach us a lesson. This is why it is important to have a vision. Having a vision for your life one that is aligned with you purpose for being here makes life’s transitions so much more bearable. Knowing that you have a mission to fill and that something great awaits you I find that it’s a lot easier to refocus by being motivated to accomplish your goals and journey onward to a better life. The fact that we are still here, alive and breathing is a true testament something more awaits us. But what we have to understand is that something doesn’t just fall in your lap; we have to transform ourselves. Fear must not exist in your realm in any regard. You have to give yourself the permission to heal and grow from not only your pain but your mistakes as well.

Grasping the magnitude of something is impossible when you’re lacking an attempt at comprehending it’s basic concept. This statement covers a multitude of things. Those things can include:

  • The pain you feel from losing a loved one.
  • Failed relationships/friendships.
  • Your perception of people.
  • Your poor financial attitude and behaviors.
  • Someone belittling your dreams.
  • You belittling someone’s dreams.
  • Your invalid dislike for someone & vice versa.
  • Your history.

The list can go on but the main point is that we have to stop forming opinions about people and things based on lack of education (finding out for yourself) and others potentially biased opinions. We have to find our own truths, it’s only then that we can live our truths and start respecting others as they live their’s as well. The only way to do this is to always go inward and take a little time. Granted some things take a little more time than others but we aren’t in any rush. More time is wasted cleaning up a mess we made and relearning a lesson than it is making a rational decision and not breaking your karmic stride. It’s ALWAYS Introspect Over Impulse™.

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