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Made popular through the origins and growth of the Hoover St. crips organized by Raymond Washington and Stanley “Tookie” Williams, Hoover St. is probably one that most people would drive by even if they ventured to the area at all. However just like any other street in any other town that is long spread through the city there is often a more positive counterpart to the negative. My previous visits to Cali always lead me to the strangest of places seeing as though more times than not I’m venturing through the cities with a California native. I’ve been to Hollywood and I’ve been through Inglewood seeing as though I like to get a feel for the authentic areas of any place no matter where I may be visiting. The plan was never to go to Hoover St. although I’m glad I got to experience it for myself, it’s something about urban neighborhoods that give you a feel for the culture and the people that inhibit the area. So upon leaving the home of a family member of my friend, we approach the stop sign and she’s like, “you should throw a sticker up there.” Seeing as though we are both short in stature and the signs being so high, she barely got it up there as I was trying to snap the pic. But if you’re ever in Cali and roll past this block, look for the logo.

Hillcrest is an area located in San Diego, known for it’s tolerance and acceptance of gender diversity. In the 1880sImage-1 part of the land now known as Hillcrest was owned by Wyatt Earp. The land was purchased in 1906 by William Whitson for $1000 and Hillcrest was established as one of San Diego’s earliest residential communities. The infamous Hillcrest sign was erected in 1940 at the crossing of University and 5th Ave.

In 1958, Hillcrest’s longest running gay bar, The Brass Rail, was opened by a straight Italian man in Downtown San Diego it was later moved to Robinson and 5th Ave. Serving as a safe haven and place to have freedom of expression for many gays and lesbians due to its mostly elderly population during the mid 1900s; Hillcrest’s community underwent an economic surge bringing life and stability to the area.

These days Hillcrest is a perfect blend of it’s rich history and modern inhabitants. Staying true to it’s locally owned Image-1businesses and overwhelming sense of community, Hillcrest is a place where anyone no matter your race, sexuality, or age can feel comfortable and safe. The streets are filled with art and aromas seeping through the doors ofthe various restaurants and shops that line the streets. On the weekends you can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables from the local farmer’s market. If you so happen to be in the area on a Tuesday be sure to stop by Fiesta Cantina for Tacos Tuesday. Here you can enjoy $5 all you can eat tacos and sip 2 for 1 margaritas while catching the breeze blowingImage-1 through it’s open layout even if you choose to dine inside. Chances are the jukebox is already going and the ambience is as relaxed as you’d please. If you wish to take it up a notch that’s more than welcome as well seeing as though it gives you a friendly, come as you are and enjoy yourself as you’d please type of feel. California is always a great place to visit no matter what area you venture to and experience you seek out. From LA to San Diego there is something for everyone. If you happen to pass our tag on Hoover St. or the few out in Hillcrest be sure to snap a picture and let us know by hash tagging your pic #TagTheWorldTuesdays. No matter where you may be in the world if you have some of our stickers be sure to place them randomly in your travels adhering to the same hashtag so we can keep up with your travels and know you left a piece of yourself and us out in the World. Keep seeking, keep dreaming. It’s The LAME Way™!

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