Everyone’s heard the phrase, “there’s no one way to success”. Well of course there isn’t because success means something different for us all.  Most people’s creative instincts are limited from the time we are born until an awakening takes place within us. There are very few parents and curriculums that encourage kids to explore their own little worlds with mere guidance as opposed to dictating.  Often times that diction comes in the form of, “here’s what you need to know, to do what I want you to do, and become what I think is best for you.” This is also known as live out all the dreams I wanted for myself but couldn’t, because there was someone who did to me, what I am now doing to you. In short, wanting what’s best for you. In my very brief time on this Earth if it’s nothing else that has been taught to me through experience, and that is the realization of more times than not, people only want what’s best for you when it accommodates them or doesn’t disturb their comfort zone. However there are those that have been allowed to blossom their way through life maintaining a sense of self while adhering to necessary structure. A big misconception is that creatives and creativity are for “artists”. “Artists” are stereotypically viewed as painters, writers, photographers, etc. I’m a believer that anyone living their dream and fulfilling their purpose is an artist. This goes for the teacher, doctor, clerk, bus driver, painter, photographer no one is excluded.

No matter your profession one should always strive to do and be their best. I can only imagine how difficult that is having to work a job you don’t love. Not doing what you love sniffles the creativity within you, we are all good at many things but after a while if your heart isn’t in it you’ll just be going through the motions. Going through the motions won’t cause you to grow, actually the exact opposite may ensue, small things could begin to happen in your life that are to serve as wake up calls. Ignoring these calls can cause a lot of time to pass you by and during that time while you remain stagnant life around and outside of you is constantly growing.

All of this leads me to back to the original statement, “there’s no one way to success.” Success again looks like many things for various different people. However, success can only be obtained through hard work. This doesn’t matter if you’re living your purpose, seeking to begin living your purpose, doing what you have to do to make ends meet, or just working in a field pertaining to something you happen to be knowledgeable about.

A problem most people have is their inability to disconnect from the outside world. Televisions, phones, internet, and social media have taken over so many lives but by choice. People need to learn balance and apply it to all aspects of their lives. Success won’t come by posting busy work, it comes from getting busy. Don’t tell them what you’re about to do, just do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re chasing trends or seeking longevity, you can’t be hot if you have nothing to offer up. If you log on to Twitter or Instagram at any given moment there’s more people talking about what they’re about to do than there are those who are actually producing results. Ironically those same people talking about what they’re trying to do are the ones that criticize the doers the most.

Nobody said the path to success would be easy, if it were everyone would be living it. It’s something worth working for, it’s something worth working towards. It’s bigger than relationships because you can survive without those. Success is about life and I know because a dream gave me hope, a vision sustained me, and a taste of success has saved my life. How can I not work hard, how can I not be the best that I can be in my own right? Anything less than would feel like death, and I know what death feels like. I’m focused on success; what that means for me is for me to know and you to find out. I just hope I see you on my way to the top.

Find your purpose and unleash your creativity. Work hard, I promise you it won’t feel like work. Make sacrifices and see them through no matter how much they burn. Keep your intentions good and you will reap what’s for you. No one is promising that it’s going to come fast, fast isn’t always good, longevity is better. And what more is longevity than a fancy word for time. Take your time, put in the time, and in time your destiny will be fulfilled. Just make sure you enjoy it along the way no matter how comfortable it gets.

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