Experiencing New York is like the first time every time. From the faint memories I have of visiting relatives when I was younger to the first memories I made venturing out on my own. Not only does the variations of culture draw you in but the ability to freely be yourself gives you the opportunity to explore who you may be. DSC_0627The streets lined with art providing the perfect backdrop from impromptu photoshoots be it for business or pleasure.

Although I’ve been to New York many times, I just recently visited with my family in the past year. Seeing as though I was in the beginning stages of my business and website, I was more than pleased to see they had brought along my first two products to wear during the trip. From getting to view the skyline directly across from Jersey to drinking beer flights and grabbing a quick bite at Mudville 9 Saloon our day was adventurous and free. DSC_0560We walked in the rain, caught the train, and I even managed to snag a few pictures seeing how I had just gotten my camera and didn’t have a clue what to do with it.


Pete of Ursie Hawk Art

In an completely separate trip to NY while out on business and heading to Madison Square Gardens, I passed someone wearing my signature BELIEVE tee. I walked completely past this person person doing a double take in my mind like wait that’s my shirt. Meanwhile as I’m thinking, a friend of mine yells out, “HEY THAT’S YOUR SHIRT!” Come to find out fellow creative who goes by the name of Pete just happened to be in the city. A firm BELIEVER that everything happens for a reason, not only was I inspired by the not so randomness of the event but I felt affirmed in my journey. Here I am headed to a WNBA game to present product to a professional basketball player which completely terrified me and I was calmed by crossing paths with this young woman. Not only does NYC inspire you but when they said drams come true there, they really didn’t lie.


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