This week’s #WoreItWednesday is also slightly coupled with a #ThingWeLove. This was one of my last days in Japan maybe even the last one and there was so much in store for me that it can’t even be covered in one post. This day was a much cooler one so I was dressed in layers covering my Introspect Over Impulse™ tee.

The first few exhibits were cool but then we came to something that just completely took me to another place. It was called The Letter Writing Project.


It’s basis was to simply be given the opportunity to release Image-1things that may be on your heart as well as read some letters of others. There were three booths set up; one standing table, a desk style table, and the last a table with a pillow for kneeling or sitting Indian style. The curator just requested that you remove your shoesImage-1 prior to entering the designated spaces and only read letters who’s envelopes were left unsealed. I immediately knew what I wanted my letter to entail so I removed my shoes and began writing away. Upon finishing my letter I stepped down to grab some stickers that I placed in the envelope for anyone who felt moved to take. When I was finished I began looking for my friend Nellz aiming to be careful not to disturb her process. I find her hovered over a desk writing away and I’m guessing she could feel my presence behind her. She turned around and inquired about my being finished and proceeds to tell me she’s going to write one for each station they have set up. As I process the thought I agreed that it was beyondImage-1 a good idea and began to write my second note. My initial note was a specific message but I left the envelope unsealed because I knew someone needed to hear the words I had to offer. This note was a little different, I decided to write one to myself and detail a few things I was grateful for having in my life perceivably good or bad. I sealed this one and placed a sticker on the outside addressing it with a picture of a butterfly, one of my favorite creatures on this Earth. I decided to seal this one because it was very personal and the energy I poured on that paper I wanted to go no further than where I had left it. It was a purge and release of sorts, for the moment I had left my burdens and fears in that space blessed with a prayer that they never return.

My final destination in The Letter Writing Project seemed to have taken the longest. I knew what I was going to write but once the pencil met the paper my mind went blank and my soul began to speak. As I covered the front portion of the page and made my way to the back I consciously decided it was time to bring it to an end. I finished my note and left it unsealed for the world to see. Although “the world” at the time meant those who may have been passing by in the grand scheme of things it was so much more. I went back to that booth twice more before I ultimately decided to place an address on the outside. Image-1You see one of the stipulations of the exhibit was that if you left an addressed note at the end of each night the artist along with the museum staff would see to it your note was sent.

After realizing I wasn’t so much nervous about actually leaving an addressed envelope out on display as much I was terrified of having my words read, my anxiety tried it’s hand for Image-1the remainder of my visit at the Mori Art Museum. As I waited on my friend, I began to peruse the stations more over this time to read a few notes left by other patrons. In the midst of me doing so I snapped a few pictures that I later got in trouble for but at least they didn’t make me delete them.

We concluded our visit with a trip to the top of the museum to get a view of Tokyo from the observation deck located above the Mori Arts Center. Image-1From here we could see the Tokyo Tower with a great view of the city streets below where they shot Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. Although it was cold and a bit foggy the view was so amazing, we stayed up there just taking it in. I was so enamored by my entire experience I couldn’t leave without getting a picture with my shirt on to embody the moment. Not only to say I was there but more so to remind me where and what I’ve come from. Us being there on that Sky Deck was more than a literal thing to me, it was prophetic of the heights I can and will reach in my personal life as well as my professional life. So whats a little cold air and split second of being uncomfortable to say, “Yes, I was here and I have so much further to go!”

As for my last note; by the time I left and returned home I had completely forgotten about it. In short it was received and that was a physical confirmation to the notions that I live by stating that essentially you reap what you sow. It may not be when you desire and it may come long after you think you have forgotten, but what is for you will always be for you. That’s the way life and love works and usually they work synonymously. This #WoreItWednesday has been brought to you by life, art, and love. Things that know no bounds and have the capabilities to reach one end of the Earth to the next. Seeds planted today for a better tomorrow, one that we will get to experience if we have the patience to make it through the day.Image-1



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