Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland Delano Brown, Jr. tumblr_njf2rmboXh1qgunaoo1_1280who calls himself an ARTrepreneur, has taken the term and embodied the combination of art and hustle. Having attended a few art based schools Brown who is known to the public as YEAH LANO began tattooing himself and friends around the age of 17. Always looking for growth and to expand his lane even at an early age, YEAH LANO hand painted tee shirts out of a booth in Security Square Mall building a following from word of mouth and Myspace.

6a00e54fd5676f88340192aae25e8e970d-500wiOne of the early discoveries of LANO came when he was spotted by Emily B. and commissioned to hand paint his signature rose on a Brooklyn Nets jersey for Fabolous. Having established a relationship, Fabolous then attended his show at the Smart Clothes Gallery on the Lower East Side bringing more attention to the young artist. Famous for hand stitching his own personal label right next to the labels of high end designers after leaving his mark on their luxury items, Lano has transitioned into creating a continuous line of wearable art with a little something for everyone.  On his website, LanoForPublic you can get a glimpse into not only the type of artist Yeah Lano is but a taste of life how he sees it via his vlogs. delano4

Having been first noticed from his tattooing days by Ugo Mozie, a contributing stylist to Chris Brown, another divine opportunity presented itself to make a custom FullSizeRenderpiece for the R&B singer.His list of clients are growing daily ranging from Teyana Taylor to NBA superstar Kevin Durant. His collaborations with Kevin Durant have landed him on ESPN as topic of discussion for the custom pool table he was commissioned by Durant to do during his time off while injured. Lano has had the ability of taking something so simple and making it his own that his mark is visible all over the world although it’s just a simple rose. Having become very successful in the merchandise area and able to live the life any young artist dreams of, Lano is now getting back to his roots. After all I said he’s an artist, so these days Lano can be found leaving his signature rose tattoos on the skin of people whoa re lucky enough to catch him while he’s in their city for a few days making major plays. FullSizeRenderHe’s also gotten back into creating music and some of his earlier material can be found on YouTube while his latest projects can be found on his Soundcloud. Lano can also be found leaving his signature rose on luxury cars in some of your favorite cities when he’s not creating wearable art, making music, or tattooing.

I first came across Lano via his Instagram and began following his journey. Some may form various opinions on based off of the lifestyle he lives on social media. Being a young 20 something entrepreneur who has gotten rich off of his art, I would say he’s just living life.

A few months ago while commissioning a few pieces of art from some of my peers, I came across one of the fly by night releases going on at Lano For Public.Image-1 The thing is anything you order from Lano is of limited quantity and most of his sales only last for 24 hours and the item is gone. On this particular day Lano was releasing the Good Girl Tote embellished with a dirty dozen of his signature rose. With the turn round time estimated for approximately 6-8 weeks I thought it would be a good gift for Christmas now turned Valentine’s Day. I received my order in the allotted time, something I see a lot of people complaining about in his comment feed on IG. To that I say, before you order anything, read up and also know the nature of the business in which you seek to be a consumer. As the date neared that my package was to arrive I simply sent an email to his team that was answered in reasonable time letting me know my package was en route.

For a group of young guys living life on their own terms and manifesting their vision daily, I think Lano and his team are doing a great job. Being an entrepreneur myself I know the days of trial and error and just trying to balance art and business. I’m looking forward to seeing how much further he grows himself and his brand. So, for being a young entrepreneur living life on his own terms and chasing his dreams, Yeah Lano and his movement are definitely things we love.

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