Ever since I can remember I’ve never been into celebrating holidays. I remember looking forward to them as a kid but the older I got the more I couldn’t care less. Maybe it was because I was beginning to see that the meaning of them tends to get lost in translation due to the chaos surrounded by gift giving. I may be getting forgetful as I’m growing older but I honestly cannot remember ever even buying a Christmas gift my entire adult life. Maybe celebrated or semi celebrated Valentine’s Day twice. My rationale behind this has always been that you treat people well all year and show them you love them all year. Love should be everlasting and all encompassing.

To piggy back off of Monday’s post, people seek validation in things. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be things received, this self serving behavior can be found in the gift giver as well. I wonder how many people when shopping for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthday gifts actually think about Instagram before they make a purchase. I guarantee it’s far more than would be willing to admit it.

Just as with acts of love, acts of kindness should be second nature. Our charitable duties, our “random” acts of kindness should be so often that we shouldn’t feel compelled to dehumanize the less fortunate man you just spared a dollar to for an Instagram picture. Does that not negate your good act? We as people spend so much time trying to prove things and even more time convincing ourselves that we have nothing to prove that we miss the opportunity to just genuinely be. We taint moments while searching for the perfect photo op often times missing the real beauty in the moment at hand.


Founder Teshawn Butler (2nd from the right) & her Love360 crew at the Ukrop 10K

There’s a movement based out of Richmond, Va named The LoveThreeSixty Project. This initiative is the embodiment of that everlasting, all encompassing love that I previously spoke on. With most organizations and businesses there’s an ideal demographic or a target audience aimed to be reached. Love 360 is for everyone because it is everyone. It’s about the love we embody, give, and ultimately receive in return. Although they are in the beginning stages, I see great potential in this organization. Already having donated food to the Feed More Program in conjunction with the Central Virginia Food Bank and the Daily Planet, Love360 and it’s volunteers fed the habitants of the Daily Planet on Christmas Day.

It’s amazing to see one of your peers not only chase their dreams but also encourage others to do the same. DSC_1595Teshawn Butler of Love360 is a prime example of spreading love through giving. Somehow she manages to do this no matter the blows life attempts to take at her. It’s that very perseverance that will push her and her movement to the top.


So when we think about love let’s do it unconventionally no matter which regard we are attempting view at the moment. Lets vow to love wholeheartedly, without contingencies, unbiased, and unconditionally. We need to shift our perspectives on love, it is only then that we will have the complete power to shape the world around us, not just on our own but collectively. It’s Friday but focus on that over the course of your weekend. Growth doesn’t stop for a good time, it’s a constant fluid motion…you know like LOVE.

Love360 "Live For LOVE" Tee

Love360 “Live For LOVE” Tee

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