Many times in life we tell ourselves that we want or deserve something. We can be so passionate and “sure” about it that some people might actually believe us. Hell, we might even believe ourselves some of the time. When asked why we feel this way or how we’ve managed to come to this conclusion our brains wreck themselves for answers we cannot seem to provide. Do we want other people in our lives because they naturally enhance it and make us better or are we interested in what our relationship with them could possibly do to our self esteem? Are we settling for things we don’t desire or measure up to what we deserve just to be in the company of others?

It’s far more easy to go back in life with your should haves and could haves but how many days can you go on wearing yesterday’s clothes and hoping that tomorrow will bring you a sense of peace and joy? Especially when said joy is based on something that was not meant to manifest in your life for the long haul. Often times we are protected from things that are not for us and our egos allow us to continuously pursue said things or people in hopes that it will validate the person we once were or position we once held. The more the thing eludes us the more we want it and the more we chase it. Sometimes we chase it so much that we end up making a fool of ourselves in the form of public embarrassment and it is only then that you realize you’ve been doing it wrong. Even then some people don’t see it as embarrassment but as a form of vulnerability and others as an illusion of self confidence that innately gets negated through their uncentered actions.

Or maybe it was that one time you were actually given something that you thought you wanted. Not only did you realize you didn’t want it but you also couldn’t handle it. It simply was not for you. Did you do the courageous thing and remove yourself from the situation or did you allow your ego to take over convincing you to stay leaving your heart and possibly your soul in a relentless state of agony? When this happens, God and the Universe will go great lengths to get us to move. When we resist these nudges, often times we find ourselves in the midst of extreme chaos and in stride to hitting a brick wall at full speed.

The message for this post came from a night like many of us have often had after partying and find ourselves waking up dressed the same way we were the day before. Ok, so maybe not most of us but some of us. For those who can relate usually a hangover ensues and we find ourselves struggling to meet the day at hand in the present moment. Maybe you linger in those clothes, maybe you even continue with the activities that led you here. One thing I do know is more times than not, you find yourself having wasted a day and regretting your actions only to possibly repeat them at the next opportune time.

Our interactions with others and our being committed to jobs or places that may feel good at the time but leave you feeling empty in the long run are no different. Maybe you work a great paying job but aren’t fulfilled. Maybe you need to end a relationship but won’t because of the time that has been put into it. The bottom line is the past won’t and can’t change unlike our dreams and visions. Don’t hinder yourself or inflict yourself with misery holding on to yesterday’s baggage. There’s a lot of words people misconstrue to validate and justify things that need to be left in yesterday. Words like loyalty, longevity, history, and the list can go on.

Be careful what you think it is that you want. When you tell yourself you desire something or someone check yourself and the reasoning behind these desires. Are they shallow wants or soul fulfilling accompaniments. The subtle difference between the two is that our shallow wants are often things we obsess over, things we feel we cannot live without. Shallow wants seem to complete us and make us feel whole. Now on the contrary things that are meant for you, the things that compliment and speak to your soul, those are the things you don’t have to chase. Those are the things that come to you once you realize yourself and release yesterdays baggage. Dream a new dream, leave yesterday behind no matter what or who it may be if its not serving your path and don’t be afraid to adjust along the way. Yesterday’s clothes have no place in today’s dream. Forgive. Release. Grow.

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