I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the amazing city of New Orleans in January of 2013. IMG_4716It wasn’t Mardi Gras but it was the beginning of a new stage in my life and I didn’t even know it. The vision I had for myself was still marred while the vision of my business was brought together by good intent but motivated by the wrong things. I now believe this is why I wasn’t receiving the blessings and continuous forward progress that was waiting for me to rise to the occasion.

Here I was coming off of a very confusing and rough time in my life, one that had reached a soul sucking plateau due to the mistakes I had made and lessons I failed to heed. There’s not much you can tell someone who’s lived on their own and provided for themselves and others since an early age. Most of the things my peers were working to obtain I already had three times over. My warm heart was shielded by the coldness pain had left behind and no matter how much I wanted to I was incapable of giving and receiving adequate love.

In efforts to find myself and validate my existence I sought refuge in things and people that I thought from the outside negated the holes in my soul. So here I am wandering the streets of New Orleans with my shaggy afro in tow after completing my big chop hoping life had a new story that awaited me. IMG_4824Fast forward to 2014 and I’m being summoned to New Orleans yet again. Only this time my vision of myself is crystal clear and my business has taken off with a vast vision that I know is possible. I know this because the intent remains pure and coupled with a motivation that is relentless because it’s shown itself as purpose.

So when my comrades informed me on the trip and asked if I was interested, of course my answer was yes. Some where between the initial ask and the opportunity came to lock in the accommodations I felt a peaceful yet nagging voice that told me I need not go. Not because I didn’t have the funds because there were times I’ve been many places and financially it just wasn’t smart but my ego wouldn’t allow me to miss anything. This time I had made promises to myself and I had committed to these promises and the God I believe in will bless me to be a vessel in turn making my most elaborate dreams come true.

When the time came for everyone to head out I didn’t feel any regret and I wished everyone well. I checked in with them and vice versa throughout their trip and I was blessed with a few pictures of the crazy times they were having. One of those pictures was the tag shown in the featured photo onlooking Bourbon St. with my sticker in plain view. Image-1These are the blessings and confirmations that make committing to the journey that more worth it. In the midst of their drunken good times they took the time out of their day to think of The LAME Way and all it stands for and contributed to helping me expand my territory and enlarge my horizons. This is how dreams are manifested and nurtured. This is how dreams come true. From one person to the next just simply BELIEVING and not being afraid to see the good in others.

Although I wasn’t physically in New Orleans  this was far more greater. I’m thankful for all the support and relationships that have come together from this journey that I am on and I’m looking forward to giving it back 100 fold. Lets continue to TagTheWorld not just on Tuesdays but EVERYDAY.

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