This young fellow came into my life when I was about 12 years of age and in the seventh grade. Born into my family as my cousin he quickly became like a little brother. There wasn’t an activity I participated in that he didn’t attend with my mother. Here it is 17 years later and I’m now 30 years old and he is approaching 18. Up until not too long ago I probably didn’t provide the best examples for living to him. While figuring out ourselves and trying to maneuver our way through life we often forget that we could possibly serve as an example to those around us and those that look up to us.

It wasn’t until he and his brothers began to get older and capable of voicing their own opinions about life and their goals that I realized no matter what you try and instill in someone your walk is what matters most. Image-1It just so happens that at the same time I was coming into my own, people think that progression of age coincides with worldly milestones & unsolicited “accomplishments” imposed on you by society. That’s not how I live my life and that’s not how I believe life is supposed to be lived.

Along with the world my “nephews” got to watch me build something from literally absolutely nothing. As my vision and my life grew so did their questions and I could began to see their inquisitive natures manifest. Yes we talk about college but we also talk about entrepreneurship. I involve them in my business and I allow them to interact. Image-1Not once do I say when this grows you can have the world, but more so this is going to grow and if you position yourself properly there could potentially be a place for you. Know that nothing in this life is given and we must work hard for that in which we desire.


Hearing them bounce ideas off of me and proudly wear their LAME Way gear not only makes my heart smile but motivates me to go harder. Motivation shouldn’t lie in being better than your peer, it should be found in the things that matter like the little eyes that sparkle when they see you. Motivation is wanting better for your family and changing the lives in your community. Image-1My motivation is all of that and not just changing the community but shaping the world.

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