Geekedsociety™ a vision bred from God given talent and passion manifested itself naturally because it is a true extension of the character and spirit that comprises it’s founder Pop Burnett. Image-1When I first encountered Pop it was a happenstance experience as I was in New York on business and visiting a friend while she was in New York with a few mutual friends. We met up at Perfections and had a time so insane I cut my trip short and went home that night. At the time I didn’t know she was an artist but we began to connect and build from there. Never by chance always by purpose, again we find out we would be visiting another city at the same time and made plans to connect. This time we got to build a little more and share our visions with one another and I was able to get insight on what Geekedsociety™ is all about and her vision for it going forward.Image-1

There’s nothing like talking with people and seeing their eyes light up when they speak of something they love. Image-1The seriousness in their tone that is lightened by the smile that naturally exudes from within when they discuss something they love. As she began to explain the concept and her vision I could feel my eyes widen and my spirit awaken, hell I was flat out elated because Pop and Geekedsociety™ embody one of the main reasons why I birthed The LAME Way™. You see it’s all about perspective and ridding ourselves of these proverbial boxes and shedding these unwarranted stereotypes through art, positivity, and love. Taking something that people have given negative connotations to since the beginning of time and aiming to shed a positive light on its existence is not an easy nor overnight task. The vision for Geekedsociety™ is to celebrate the “conventional” nerd while educating the World that smart, cool, successful, and creative don’t necessarily have a face or type but more so a feel. Image-1

I commissioned a piece from Pop not too long ago to add to my new but growing collection of art and the anticipation killed me. I opted for no progress pics as I like the artists I build with to get into their element and go through their creative processes as I would do when writing. My request was just to have something that spoke to my movement and full of her creative freedom. Needless to say, I was floored when the piece arrived on my doorstep and I opened the package. Image-1I immediately texted her and to this day I cannot stop staring at it. For me it’s more than just art; this piece represents my growth in self and business.Image-1When I look at it I see the courage used to get me where I am today and physical representation of my future that is to come. I see the narrow lane that stands before us widening because more of my peers are venturing out to identify with their passions and also being obedient to their purpose. Image-1

Social media has opened the world up to us more readily and made the degrees of separation so much smaller. Day in and day out I see people trying to better themselves as well as others. I see artists, writers, and creatives of all kinds using their art as therapy or as a way to survive. Image-1Operating from that place I aim to support any and everything that speaks to my soul. I’ve seen a lot of painters and many pieces come through my timeline but hands down Pop’s work is hands down one of my favorite. I know she does it because she loves it but I love it because she does it so effortlessly. I BELIEVE that if there were no Instagram and social media wasn’t the craze that it has become, Pop would still be somewhere painting just because her soul wouldn’t allow her not to create.

I foresee major things for Pop and Geekedsociety™ and I’m here to support her movement in any way possible because it comes from a genuine place that far surpasses the money she could make. Image-1If you connect with her via her Instagram page and are fortunate to see one of her mini videos sharing her creative process, you can see creating genuinely brings joy to her. Commission a piece from her and you can see that joy in physical form.Energy is real and when something comes from or is made from a place of love there is no denying it. While she is currently in the process of building her platform you can find her on Instagram and contact her via her email ( This thing is going way up and I suggest you latch on before the demand gets even higher and prices have the potential to rise as her message and movement are destined to spread to the far ends of this Earth.

I don’t believe in coincidences; I believe in purposeful journeying and being aware to the signs we are blessed with along the way. I am thankful for the merging of our paths as we patiently progress to the destinies that awaits us. Not only is Pop an amazing artist, but she is a genuine person with a undeniable spirit that I am blessed to have met. Being the epitome of all The LAME Way™ represents thank you for merging our visions. For that, Pop Burnett and Geekedsociety™ are most definitely a thing we love. Image-1


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