Can we even objectively and accurately define or depict human nature as a whole? The essence of people vary from person to person and even in an individual, life’s circumstances can effect the way they perceive and in turn handle things. I had an entire post written for today’s Friday’s Focus and for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to publish my thoughts. I kept procrastinating and finding other tasks to scratch off my list of things to be done for the day. As the day progressed and I had few exchanges with some individuals whose opinions and thoughts hold some type of regard to my life I decided I would hold off on posting. I had so many things that I wanted to discuss and even more thoughts that I just couldn’t process. As the day progressed I decided to enjoy a quick dinner and engaging conversation.

After discussing our respective days mixed with a little pop culture, the conversation turned to people, their differences, and how we all manage to coexist. The type of conversation that has no end as I’m still pondering over many of the points as I sit here typing. These are the kinds of questions that only seem to have opinion based answers yet we all think we know the best way for the world to work cohesively and peace to be maintained. First and foremost there has to be a desire for peace and cohesiveness for it to be obtained. Some people think this is impossible because we’re all far too different and others are adamant that we never get remotely close to that existence because the infrastructure as we know it would crumble. Wealth, success, and survival as we know it for the most part are based and fueled off of the fear of the many and controlled by the power of the few.

Could it be possible often times we do not love and respect ourselves because we don’t see others like us in power and living rich abundant lives? Yes there may be a few that resemble something familiar but we always manage to find the slightest thing to separate us from others as opposed to finding one small thing to bring us together. Who said we can’t live in different factions, serving different purposes and coexisting peacefully. Each of us are born into an environment and class; there are no rules that state we have to remain there. They flood our lives with tests and make shift models to tell us who we are and what we should be. We must follow this model or be frowned upon and sometimes even punished. Then we reach an age where we can make decisions for ourselves and if we seemingly make the wrong one in the eyes of those residing where we come from it’s rare that they want you to return. Even if you’re brave enough to venture out confidently without looking back, the realm in which you desire to enter may not be openly receiving. They will test you, mock you, and sometimes allow you in if you’re good enough, just don’t be better than them.

Then you have a rare few; the kind of people who really don’t belong anywhere. They can adapt and survive in any setting; they may not be the best at them all but they have enough of the intangible “it” factor to stand out wherever they may go. These are the exceptions to every rule and structural stereotype that have been placed before us. These are the creators, doers, thinkers, healers, and teachers all in one. They are transient people belonging no where but needed here and there to fulfill a purpose and often remain a memorial of reminders of the lessons learned as they passed through your life. As much as they are loved, they are also hated. This hatred isn’t personal but merely a mirror of the internal inadequacies others may feel due to the non conforming nature of these transient type of people.

Human nature for some simply means to survive, for others it may mean to thrive, some feel they are here to give, and others have yet to find their place. No matter what type of individual you are at the core, there is no way you can possibly coexist with others if you do not know you yourself. Knowing yourself is the ultimate key to happiness, peace, service, and thriving in this world. Knowing yourself allows you to not necessarily fit into any circumstance or survive any test placed before you but it gives you the knowledge to know where you belong as well as survive in the places that seem to foreign to the journey you may be walking in life.

Life isn’t about staying in your comfort zones it’s about testing physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional boundaries. It’s about experiencing things outside of what you are born into even if you return to those environments. If you know yourself no matter where you go, what you learn, and who you may encounter the essence of who you are will never change. Your mentality and perspectives may be altered but couple that with who you are and where you come from you should be able to relate to your family and peers while opening their eyes to something more. Growing outside of your immediate environment doesn’t mean forgetting who you are, it means growing into the person you are meant to be to help revolutionize that in which you came.

If you ask me, more times than not the basis of human nature as I see it for most is the desire to fit in and be accepted. Those aren’t the people that change the world those are the people who latch on to the game changers. They don’t create waves and most times they don’t catch the wave as its manifesting because they lack the vision necessary to do so. They seek popularity as well as cling to it. They conform to trends and follow them as opposed to breaking barriers and being innovators.

Human nature and all the things encompassing can be tricky and not easily defined. If I had to offer insight to anyone willing to listen I would say human nature is what you make it. Don’t worry about human nature worry about the nature of yourself and shape the world as you see it so long as you are doing it for the better of the collective. True human nature; based on the reason and essence in which we were created, is to love yourself. When you love yourself you don’t view others as threats and you love them as you love yourself. Somewhere down the line we have been programmed to feel inadequate when we are truly more than enough. These feelings of inadequacy lead us to tear down one another and feed the black cloud of fear that looms over us as a people.

It’s hard to erase your mind of all you’ve been taught and fed but it’s possible through self education as well as experience. The true essence of human nature is the desire to explore, grow, love, and build. In order to get back to this, we must learn to love and accept ourselves for who we really are. It is only then that we can do the same for others. It’s okay to support one another, help one another, and love one another in spite of our differences. Our differences are what makes this world function and keep society growing. Knowing yourself is knowing your power. Knowing your power is knowing it cannot be taken from you or shaded by any man except yourself. Find your true nature and cultivate it I promise you will live life anew and fearless. You will also exist from a place of compassion thus bringing more compassion into your life. There is no such things as scarcity, it’s all an illusion. I dare you to grow yourself, know yourself, and change the environment around you. Because whether you know it or not you have a direct hand in changing the World…and maybe someone else’s perception of human nature.

(If you are wondering where the photo from this post came from, it is a still from Madonna’s Human Nature video, which is one of my favorite songs. The fact that it was stuck in my head the entire time I was writing was the inspiration in me using it for this post. So there’s your fun fact for the day and if you wish to see the video or hear the song, here the link.)

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