Image-1Children, the elderly, and animals are some of my favorite things on this planet. The innocence and fearlessness that children possess, we often lose along the way because the world is constantly trying to mute our voice and shape us into what it wants us to be. The elderly are direct gifts from God having seen and lived through so much, I never can seem to understand how people find growing old to be such a taboo thing. I’m blessed to have known and experienced things like having great grandparents and grandparents that come from the old school in a world where parenting and being a grandparent seem to be things of the past. Animals fascinate me in so many ways from how they interact, coexist, and manage to survive the threats we as humans place on their lives. With that being said, I’m not really a person that is into going to the zoo or attending the circus. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m in tune with something greater but there always seems to be a sadness in their eyes when bound by captivity for our amusement. I’m not by any means an advocate for peta but in a sense of liberal and conservative, I’m somewhat of a moderate when it comes to this.

Image-1Finding and maintaining balance is what life is all about and in this instance an experience for the kids outweighed my heavy heart. Spring and summer time leaves a lot of idle time for children so a friend and I decided to take her daughter and my younger cousin for a trip to the zoo. I brought my camera to capture the memories so it was definitely a plus that we all were dressed in our LAME Way™ gear. The kids ran rampant and I was filled with life watching them enjoy theirs. Image-1We watched giraffes graze from scarce dry feedings, antelopes lay in the shade to avoid the blazing sun, and monkeys swinging fromImage-1 tree to tree knowing they had our full attention.Sea turtles swimming and a lioness sleeping heavily as we made our way past the elephants to an area designated for taking photos and to catch the train that toured the outskirts of the establishment.

As we stood and pondered our next stop we saw a flock of ducks wandering aimlessly to and fro. The children and my friend were hesitant but I opted to get closer to snap a few photos. Image-1Upon doing so I came across the rose garden they have towards the back of the zoo. I forgot I was with company and got lost in all that I saw. It was here I met a nice older woman who served as the horticulturalist and we began to chat. She told me about all the blooms that were in season and others that were in danger due to the blazing summer. I told her how I was raised in the garden with my Granny and how roses were my favorite because of the beautiful rose bush she had in her front yard. Every year they would bloom some of the most beautiful pink roses I’ve ever seen.Image-1 I snapped back into reality remembering my small group awaited me and voiced my concern to her. It was then she completely threw me off kilter by saying, “trust me they’re fine, they’re used to it. You’re a wanderer, you go your own way. If they know you, they know that.” It’s moments like these that confirm the uncertainties you feel towards what you think you know about yourself. These are the moments where something greater shows itself to you and lets you know that souls, spirit, and energy are what’s most important in life. As we chatted I ducked and dodged the bees dancing from flower to flower as she assured me I had nothing to worry about. Still sensing my apprehension; she said, “come here, look.” As I leaned in she opened a beautiful white rose where a bug lay resting or possibly feeding. Image-1

Our brief yet timeless encounter was soon over and I found my group so we could conclude our time at the Norfolk Zoo. We spotted a peacock and the kids played with the goats before we made our way out.

Even when we find ourselves in situations that aren’t ideal or fit our beliefs, life has a way of Image-1bringing moments and people to us that allow us to know it’s always bigger than the things that make us uncomfortable. Sometimes breakthroughs, peace, confirmations, and reminders of our past that comfort our present can be found in unlikely places in the most random moments.Image-1 I say random but I really mean unplanned, you know serendipity. I’m thankful for those serendipitous moments and I vow to stay open to any vessel God has placed along my paths to serve as light and lessons to aid my journey. This WoreIt Wednesday is dedicated to dreams, destiny, and the oneness that connects us all.