When attending the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo I really didn’t know what to expect, I was just aware that it was a contemporary exhibit. My heart and mind were open to whatever the museum had to offer so I wandered timidly upon entry. You see this was my last full day in Japan and I was set to leave the next morning. My options for the day were to have dinner with some people I had met while there or head out one last time for some sightseeing to conclude my trip. Normally an indecisive type when I initially was asked which I preferred, my response was it doesn’t matter as I never like to be the cause for resistance. After a little further discussion I took the liberty of following my heart conveying to my friend that I think sightseeing was the way to go. Luckily she was on the same page as me and our journey began.

She had already done some research on the exhibit and was anxious to check out the The Letter Writing Project. She told me of the initial project we saw which was a great concept but I cannot lie I was looking for something more. We slowly moved from one room to the next and things started to pick up. I felt my anticipation rise as resonating quotes and art from ancient times lined the walls, this is what I came for. Many of the things were not meant to be photographed so I made all kinds of notes in my phone. We passed through a room offering visual art in the form of a video and as we turned the corner, we entered a huge room lined with flowers in the center.

Upon looking to the left, there was a wall describing sections 2 of the exhibit which focused on sleeping, eating, and writing: refocusing everyday action, divinely the intention I had for my year to come.I scanned the large room as my friend went to see what was located behind the wall. Image-1In my search to locate her I was stopped dead in my tracks. Whatever I was feeling at the time must have read clearly from gazing at my face. In a tone probably inappropriate for the environment I said, “do you see that?!” I was pointing at a book that although in it’s Japanese translation was recognizable from miles away. I wanted to get closer but my feet wouldn’t move and I was literally in awe of the moment. Surely you’re wondering what is this book and how can it have such an affect on me. Well let me take to you back to the beginning.

It was 2011 and I was lost, more than lost I was broke and broken. Having gone through what I had been through it’s a wonder how I didn’t find myself in this position before now. I was 8 years into adulthood and felt I had lived a full life. There was no hope in me, I was lifeless and simply existing. In short I had given up. I knew money wasn’t the key to happiness because with the amount I had been through I still found myself in this position. Looking for something yet not knowing what it was, a friend suggested I read The Secret. When I tell you I didn’t even have enough money to buy the book myself, thats where life had taken me. You see no matter how much money I had and how many things I owned, I always felt like the world owed me something because I was “a motherless child”. Instead of counting my blessings and seeking the purpose in my pain I found every reason to not be happy about life and take my tragedy and blossom it into beauty. When you go about life thinking you have it so bad and don’t appreciate the things you have, life will show you something.

I always tell people who complain about hardships to be careful about what they say and put out into the Universe. The fact that you are going through something does not mean you have hit rock bottom, repeatedly stating that you have reached your peak in life coupled with giving up will give you the wake up call of your life. I was given many opportunities to change the course of my life but it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself that I realized something had to be done. I had been low and picked myself up many times before but at this time I was soul less and dead.

I expressed to my aunt that I was interested in reading The Secret and if she happened to go by the store and grabbed it for me I would be more than appreciative. It was then she expressed to me that she had it on DVD and I could borrow it if I liked. In retrospect this was definitely a sign. I watched the DVD, took notes, and dusted off my old notebooks where I had been writing ideas and concepts since about 2007 maybe 2008. I had a few friends that were also going through some things and I emailed them the notes as we vowed to get through these rough patches together. I dedicated myself to reading and educating myself to occupy my time not knowing how or when things would begin to shift in my life. As I would read I would post excerpts that kept me going and the messages I took from them online. Looking back I now know it was all a part of the process. I spoke life into myself and others even if I was still battling with demons from my past.

The lives of my peers began to shift and though it caused me to wonder about my own shifts, I was mature enough to be happy for them and take their shifts as confirmations that my own blessings were on the way. Image-1One friend got picked up to play basketball abroad after some time of being out and had the pretty much the season of her career, being featured in commercials and also grew into herself as the woman she’s meant to be. Another moved out of state, got married and was well on her way to living the life of her dreams. My life didn’t have a tremendous shift but a series of events came that allowed me to begin to fund my dream.

A year later which would make it 2012, I was blessed to have someone invest in my dream and I was able to secure a simple landing page as well as a dot com. I had condensed all my notes down to a single notebook that I would carry with me wherever I went because I was never not conceptualizing and working. Again I knew the vision placed in my heart and was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t until 2014 that my life really shifted. Not only did my life shift but I did as well, it’s crazy how one of the best years of your life can be one of the most difficult. My year essentially ended with this trip to Japan so how fitting was it that my last day there was greeted in the most gracious of ways by a copy of this book laying on a table as part of this auspicious experience.

I still don’t know where this journey will take me but already it has taken me further than I imagined in such a short period of time. To think I didn’t even have the money to buy a book to three years later seeing the very book that changed my life while 7000 miles away from home was more than enough to suffice for my moments of doubt and to encourage me to stay on my course. When you’ve had the ability to identify and then make the proper choices to completely align yourself in your purpose, moments like this happen often. You don’t have time to worry about who isn’t supporting you because you’re focused on those that are. You fail to see the not so coincidental similarities in other people’s work because you are grounded in all that is meant for you. Worrying about when things will manifest is natural but you will not become suffocated by the thought because you’re too engulfed in the process.

After reading this book I made a list of goals and desires I had for my life in a journal that I carried with me everywhere. All of those things have not manifested but the most important ones have. I now know myself and my purpose, these two simple things will educate and reveal anything else in life that you need to know. People may be skeptical about The Secret and The Law of Attraction but if you believe in concepts like “you reap what you sow” or karmic law it’s really no different. Often we get caught up in the vessel or lack thereof that we miss a message that could have potentially changed our lives. There’s one Universe, one Creator, and we are all created in his image. The Universal message is positivity and unbiased love, it’s the languages and verbiage that people get hung up on that causes us to be divided as opposed to come together.

Life isn’t about swallowing what you’re force fed, its about educating yourself. This comes from reading and experiencing things outside of our immediate surroundings and what they’ve taught us. I dare you to read this book if you haven’t, if you have I dare you to implement what you’ve read and see how it may change your life. If you’re seeking change then obviously what you’ve been doing isn’t turning in your favor. Take control of your life and paint the perfect masterpiece according to your heart’s desires. I’m thankful for the person that brought this book into my life and I’m thankful that I have an open mind that even allowed me to be receptive.

When viewing life as a journey and not a destination you open up to be aware of all that is going on around you. Please always heed the signs no matter what direction they may point you. Know that if you’ve made a mistake there is always room for redemption. We have long lifetimes ahead of us and moments or periods of hardship do not determine who we are. It is what we do with those moments that define us most. I dare you to live and do so with purpose, don’t worry about who you have been or what you may have had. Don’t worry about what you do have because it doesn’t define who you are.

The Secret is definitely something that we love but more so than the book it is the confirmations along the way that really moves our hearts. If you are interested in reading The Secret, it can be found at any bookstore or online. If you are interested but cannot afford it at this time feel free to email us at theLAMEway@gmail.com or via our contact and we will be sure to send the notes your way!

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