Everybody is doing things because it might get seen. Nobody’s doing things because it’s how they feel. And it’s exhausting… Chrisette Michelle

Daydreams, lucid dreams, reoccurring dreams, and visions. It’s no secret we all have a specific purpose for being on this Earth no matter if’s its an extension of something that already exists or to be an innovator. Some of us are blessed to know and/or be in tune with the gift naturally instilled in them and the purpose placed on their heart. Some of us maybe have suppressed our gift and purpose as a result of the path life has taken us. What we must all know is that no matter how young or how old your unique purpose is waiting ready to be cultivated and blossomed into a life that touches others allowing you to live a life fulfilled. We are not all meant to be famous but we are all destined to live wealthy abundant lives. One of the main misconceptions is that wealth equates to a ridiculous amount of money when wealth is more so a state of being. Our greatest resource isn’t money as most people would love to think, our greatest resource is time. A man who makes the most of his time and does right by the time he shares with others is a man leading a wealthy life. We can run out of money and some how manage to replenish our pockets. We can be short on food and be fed by our neighbor. We may lack a shirt to place on our backs but can be clothed by a stranger. However, I have yet to see an instance where one desired more time for themselves and were able to borrow more time from another being.

Knowing our time is limited on this Earth it’s a hard concept to grasp, knowing that people waste so much time in meaningless relationships, holding on to unedifying friendships, not seeking their purpose, knowing their purpose and not walking in it, and trying to be something that they are not. We innately desire to be loved and acknowledged just as we were created to love and give acknowledgment. The discord comes into play when the “love” we desire comes at any cost and the acknowledgement is self serving. Seeking what we perceive to be these things can yield unprecedented amounts of attention seeking which at times have and can cause people to be whatever others want them to be so long as people are saying their name. People get caught up in personas and forget to live real life. Some will risk financial stability to receive acknowledgment from people further in debt than they are because it makes them feel good.

We have all been in a place where we actually feel like we need some type of reinforcement or acknowledgment and often times this come during our most broken times. People who are whole and confident in themselves don’t move with the crowd they shift the crowd. They have a way of balancing their truth with the needs of others, it’s not necessarily a flawless dance but it’s a natural one. The need for attention coupled with the natural direction social media has taken us seemed to have blurred so many lines. We live in an age where fame can be received for naught while substance and natural abilities can be overlooked sans gimmick. There’s a pair of shoes that will garner 1000 likes while a word that can change your life receive 100. So you know what people do in turn, they spend money they don’t have to buy things and take trips they can’t afford to look like or be perceived as something as opposed to actually becoming the best version of themselves they can be. Completely overlooking the fact that being the best version of you can yield you all your hearts desires. Ironically when you obtain that place of peace and become centered in yourself, you’ll find that you desire far less things that you did when you were broken trying to mask it in a costly package.

Self awareness is everything, true life begins with knowing yourself and a life well lived is celebrated by those you leave behind when it’s your time to depart. When it comes to a life well lived people often misconstrue the world knowing your name with some type of validation of the life you have lived. All of us are put here to serve others, so what are you doing to enhance the life of your fellow man, the people who have nothing to offer you. Would you frequent the places you frequent if there was no platform or opportunity for someone to tag your name or if you couldn’t add a location? Anyone can be an encourager, entrepreneur, comedian, or actor but is that what you are called to do? Are your intentions pure or are you chasing someone else’s dream? Do you seek fame and people to know your name? Don’t get me wrong if fame is what you seek, I am all for that, I just can’t see masking having your name known as someone who is wholeheartedly attempting to shift a culture.

I see people who put blood, sweat, and tears into their dreams online every day. I see people who have sacrificed so much from relationships to stability in order to seek out the uncertainty of a dream that has been placed in their heart. These people inspire me and so many others on a daily basis and probably don’t get the acknowledgement that they rightfully deserve. I’m sure they naturally get weary at the thought of this but they are also unmoved. They stand strong and persevere because the love of what they do is what drives them not someone daily telling them, “job well done.” They know the dream in their hearts did not come from them so it is not them who even deserves the praise. I also see people doing things just to do them, people who have a hustle and are good at what they do in that regard. Just the same as those seeking fame, if money is your motivator that is absolutely fine. No one is here to judge you in the slightest regard. However don’t mask a quick hustle as a purposeful walk, people can sense your lack in passion as it often carries over into your final product be it poor quality, lack of creativity, or a flat out imitation of another person’s dream.

There’s a fine line between being inspired by someone and imitating someone. You can follow someones blueprint but you have to have your own map, materials, and personal things to adorn the interior. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun but as time progress and our technology and resources change, we all have the ability to take a concept and shift it into our own. This is where purpose, personality, and demographics come together. The biggest mistake is one can make is to do something half heartedly and be self serving. It’s easy to see someone making moves and jump in where they are, doing what they’re doing but it won’t be easy having longevity in that arena. Lack of authenticity can be masked but not forever, walking someone else’s purpose doesn’t make you like them nor will it yield you the same results as them. Walking someone’s purpose only leaves you a few steps behind them because you have to observe their next move to even begin to poorly conceptualize your own.

In this life what is for us is solely and strictly for us. Just because God birthed us with a purpose doesn’t mean we will all realize that purpose. Some people will miss their calling trying to walk someone else’s purpose, others may miss out just simply trying to be something they are not. Some miss out on their purpose due to fear and others don’t chase their dreams because they feel their realm is over saturated. When it comes to identifying and living your purpose, there are no age requirements, gender restrictions, race excluding, or sexual preference isolations. What is meant for you is solely for you, there is nothing anyone can do to impede your destiny. When something is not in your purpose you can receive notoriety, fame, popularity, and you can even obtain riches. None of those things however equate to a life fulfilled.

When living purposefully and living your dreams, peace, happiness, and abundance can be found no matter your financial circumstance and who knows your name. When seeking notoriety, riches, and lifestyles you can obtain all those and still not be fulfilled. So as you go through your day and your mind wanders off to all the things you think you may want in life, I encourage you to start with purpose. What was I put here to do? How can I grow into the person I was meant to be? I assure you answering those simple questions can change your perspective on a lot of things. You may find that your need and desires shift. You may find that you are successful in a certain regard but have yet to be fulfilled. Whatever answers and realizations you come up with will be the beginning of a new journey for you. One that requires some unlearning and relearning, one that will lead you down paths that will change you forever. I encourage you to find your dream, identify your audience, and build your platform no matter if it’s the deeds you do for strangers as you go about your day.

Dreamers and doers are constantly changing the world and making a name for themselves. Be sure you are shifting the culture for the greater good, not in your words but in your actions. Living your dream comes with confidence and security, you don’t look at others as competition and you celebrate the efforts of those who try. When you operate from a genuine space it’s not hard to tell when other’s aren’t however it’s not your job to point out who is copying you or anyone else. It’s not your job to say this person isn’t qualified to speak on certain things. Doers don’t have time for that, they are too busy doing. Dreamers have to start doing so they have less time to pay attention to what everyone else is doing. It’s not our jobs to point our flaws and what we feel are ill intentions in the actions of others. If something or someone is hot then let them be hot, being hot shouldn’t be your driving factor anyway. Purposeful people focus on the work, longevity, and gaining traction not catching a spark and potentially burning out quickly.

Dreamers and doers you cannot be focused on followers, friend counts, and likes. Dreamers and doers focus on being an example and changing lives. Your self worth is found in what is important to you, if how you are perceived by others is what’s important to you then you will never live for yourself thus not walking your purpose. If walking your purpose becomes your main priority you will be blessed beyond measure, in the manner that you are supposed to be, and in the time that it is meant to manifest for you. Walking purposefully allows you the peace of security despite circumstance and I not only dare you but encourage you to try it. If you don’t know where to begin pray and meditate on the person you were meant to be and the strength to walk in that confidently, once you even begin to know who you are, your heart won’t allow you to be anything but that.

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