I was introduced to The Sanaa Project through one of the amazing minds and fellow creatives I’ve come to know outside of the boxes we dwelled upon introduction. I contacted this individual to get some insight on a few legalities as I was in the process of legitimizing my business. From this professional encounter a more light and casual relationship began. Every now and again she would send me affirmations and messages of encouragement that always seemed to be divinely right on time. Having divulged a lot of my vision to her in confidence she never broke that unspoken trust I felt and conveyed physically when exposing my dreams. For that I am forever grateful along with her knack for artists, creativity, and shaping the world to be a better place.

When I was first introduced to the Sanaa Project, I didn’t know what to expect but it was something outside of my norm and seemed to fall right in line with everything I was setting out to do. At this point I had my vision, an outline, a dream, a landing page, an open heart, and the desire to seek something else. I didn’t know it at the time but looking back that weekend has changed my life in so many ways. Image-1I wasn’t in the slightest prepared for the magnitude of energy and freedom I encountered from being in the venue. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly overwhelmed initially but I felt like I had stepped into a new home. It was the feel I got when hanging in New York and wandering the streets with my photographer pal, Dready. There was a beautiful rawness that served as the background for various music being played and artists creating. Along with the raw beauty there was a sense of confidence and vulnerability to be whatever and whoever it is you feel you truly are.

As we wandered through the building which I vaguely remember being like a warehouse of some sort, we came across a room filled with art accompanied by it’s creator. The space was cohesive yet not meticulous and her work was displayed on every inch of the room. Image-1I’m still coming into myself and the parts that I wasn’t coming into, I was beginning to figure out. I snapped a picture with my camera phone and shyly asked the artist for a pic beside her biggest piece in the room. Upon receiving my picture we scanned the room one last time and I just felt compelled to leave my mark. I had yet to manufacture stickers as I had only just within a 2-3 day span prior to the day received my updated landing page and was highly skeptical on when I should present it to the public.


Future founder of Pyramid Dreams & myself at Project Sanaa 2013

Why wouldn’t I be nervous? I had a vision but my plan was shaky as hell and my confidence still forming. I came across the center table in the room and simply asked the artist out of respect could I tag the brown paper covering the work table. She casually inclined I do so and I left my mark. This technically was my second tag as I had scribbled on a table in a nice restaurant that one time but definitely a meaningful one. That night and weekend shifted a few things for me, things that I would not have guessed would be happening now had you asked back then. During that weekend I got to build and form a relationship with someone I had only known from afar. Someone I now work closely with in manifesting not only my dreams but their dreams along with the dreams of others.

People attend events like The Sanaa Project’s House Party and festivals to take in energy and release energy in the form of creation and the inspiration to create. That night I was inspired to believe in myself and I matured enough to realize the things of yesterday don’t matter because all we have is now. I couldn’t see the future, but being present in the moment back then has given me many gifts that conspired in manifesting my today. The next morning after Project Sanaa I revealed my new landing page to the world and I haven’t stopped moving since. My constant prayer is that my territory is enlarged and my horizons are expanded.

This #TagTheWorldTuesdays post is about the original tag the handwritten manuscript. A physical manifestation of my growth and faith. Something so seemingly small to the World yet holds so much energy that it has the capability shape the perception the World has of us, allowing us to change it.

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