In commemoration of our first run and wear of our first t shirt, this #WoreItWednesdays post goes to the Ukrop Monument Ave. 10K. This time last year I was preparing to take on my first race after being solicited by my friends from Love360 to accompany them in their journey. Image-1It just so happened to be the time I was preparing to launch the first run of my website and I decided to have shirts made for the race as well as sponsor a few people that were interested in getting fit or just trying something they had never done before. The BELIEVE tee was not birthed in this moment but its manifestation was definitely brought on a little faster because of it.

We extended our offer to the public that we were seeking to sponsor a few individuals for the race and were overwhelmed with responses. Based on the responses we increased our allotted amount of slots and sponsored 15 people with free registration for the race and a small token of appreciation from us for not only believing in themselves but us as well. We began with 2 designs only one of which made the first order due to the fact that I didn’t even have a finished website to serve as my platform and spread my message. I just knew that continuously taking small steps is the foundation of major progress.

Image-1Its almost been a year and we now have 12 products with so many more things to come. I am grateful for the visibility, support, and income our merchandise has been able to garner for us but it’s now time to cultivate the platform. The annual Ukrop Monument Ave. 10K is approaching and if you are interested in participating feel free to register here. The race takes place Saturday, March 28, 2015 and honestly is about far more than running. It was an experience I won’t forget for numerous reasons, we regretfully will not be participating in the race this year due to other obligations but we extend our support and well wishes to all that are about to embark on this unforgettable journey.

We would also like to thank those that participated with us last year for your support in our vision, belief in yourself, and being a major catalyst in the growing of our movement. This #WoreItWednesday post is for the trailblazers, the first individuals to own a BELIEVE tee, serving as a reflection and direct manifestation that dreams come true and visions manifest for those who work hard and BELIEVE.

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