Originally beginning as as fresh fish market in 1966, La Camaronera was founded by the Garcia Brothers from Las Villas, Cuba specializing in processing and wholesaling fresh seafood. It’s original name, Garcia Brothers Seafood was founded by the elder of eleven brothers seeking refuge in Miami as Castro’s reign in Cuba began and their family business that was started by their father was confiscated. Prior to opening Garcia Brothers Seafood the brothers worked for two years in the local markets saving money until they were able to afford their own business.

Ten years into the fresh fish market, the Garcia Brothers decided to add deep fryers and u-shaped counters to their restaurant allowing them to ability to expand by offering the catch of the day. It’s name La Camaronera was brought on by loyal patrons due to the style of eating while standing at the infamous u-shaped counters.


Photo Cred: Miami New Times

Of course I was led to La Camaronera by my greedy friend and her wife due to the fact that she had seen the restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives (one of my favorite shows). They are famous for their fresh seafood and their signature golden batter that is lightly fried onto their infamous shrimp and fresh fish.One of their signature items is the Pan con Minuta a fried snapper sandwich which is made complete by the freshly baked Cuban bread and secret sauce.

I did not try the sandwich this trip but was told by multiple patrons that it is some of the best bread and a key to making the sandwich complete. I opted for the shrimp tacos and couldn’t even tell you what my friend had because she ate her food so fast we didn’t even get a chance to grab a picture. Her wife ordered the catch of the day that she was able to pick herself from a display of fish and I opted for shrimp tacos.

Image-1If you’re ever in the Miami area and desire a more authentic Miami feel, do yourself a favor and step off of South Beach and head over to Little Havana and give La Camaronera a try. Be sure to have cash on you as they do not accept bank cards but there is an ATM located in the rear of the restaurant near the restrooms. You may miss it upon entering but as you exit you’ll see Guy Fieri’s likeness on the wall letting the world know he was there and this place has his stamp of approval. My next trip I will most definitely be making it a point to try the Pan con Minuta.

Because of it’s lineage and enhanced by it’s story La Camaronera is most certainly a thing we love. Their ability to stay true to their original vision while effortlessly merging growth to meet the changing times is the epitome of what dreams, vision, and lineage are all about. The food is just an extension of that.Image-1

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