One cannot change the world if one cannot conquer his own emotions. Being free isn’t an isolated entity that’s applicable to aspects of life in which we so choose. Being free is a choice to live; a shift in consciousness…a way of life. You can be mentally open to freedom but if you choose to remain in bondage in any aspect of your life, you are not totally free. Thus not living your full potential. -Me; 3/6/2013 (8:14am)

Emotions are beautiful things even when they come through us like sharp pains piercing our hearts leaving us short of breath. The ability to feel and harness that energy into something more is what makes us strong. We all have been hurt and we all have inflicted pain on others. Even when our intentions are good, our actions can still fall short in someone else’s eyes based on expectation along with a few other things. We are often taught that strength is hiding your tears, negating your fears as if they don’t exist, or not being affected by the things around us that we cannot control. Real strength is letting your tears free fall when the water wells up in your eyes, its acknowledging you have fears but taking the necessary steps to overcome them. Strength is feeling that seething pain deep in your soul, knowing it will soon pass and not letting it derail you from the vision you have for your life.

People love to say they are free but often times can carry a chip on their shoulder being insensitive to others who are not as far along in their growth. No ones growth rate is the same or alike, you can have differences and free yourself of those differences without keeping that energy in your space. It is okay to love people from afar…I mean really afar.

Changing the world starts with changing yourself and one of the main factors in solidifying your growth is not being affected by the same things that you once were. One of my favorite concepts is one taken from Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements and that is, “Don’t take anything personally.” This happens to be the second agreement of the four and one I have to find myself reciting throughout my day. How other’s live their lives have nothing to do with us. Yes sometimes their actions and choices or the lack thereof can affect us but even when someone deliberately disrespects you, it says far more about them than it does you. It takes a lot of maturity and growth to ignore the antics of others but that is something that more times than not comes from the mistake of reacting.

I’ve been proactive and reactive all of my life. If I wasn’t starting something, I was finishing it, no matter if it pertained to me or if I called myself coming to the aid of another. Do you know how much energy it takes to go back and forth with people all day? It takes far too much, so much that if you spend your days baiting others, critiquing others, and reacting to others chances are you aren’t getting anything meaningful done. If you aren’t getting anything meaningful done, you are simply wasting air.

One thing that leads to a lot of chaos among my peers is nosiness. Looking through people’s pages you don’t follow can spark so many emotions in you that you didn’t even know existed. Next thing you know, you call yourself disliking someone you don’t even know on a personal level. If you cannot control your emotions don’t go searching people’s pages, your insecurities will show faster than you typed that name in that search bar.

You can be free from all the things you used to be. You can be free from the people you once knew and the places you once frequented but if you find yourself feeling a certain way about others and how they choose to live their lives you are not free. There’s something in that person that makes you uncomfortable, there’s something in that person that reminds you of yourself. The work we put into ourselves is never done, as you rise to a new level more challenges will await you. The test you fail today could very well be the test your neighbor passes tomorrow. Just as the test you pass today could be the one your friend or associate failed yesterday.

This is why it is important to have some type of belief system of prayer or meditation to bring stillness into your life. Without stillness we tend to be irrational beings acting off of pure raw emotion leaving behind damage that can never be repaired. It is easy to feel something in a moment and think that is the space you reside in but so many different circumstances can factor into those feelings. Circumstances that may pass through quickly or with time but if you don’t take the time to acknowledge what you feel, you will never be able to properly channel those feelings into the proper place. Again, its always Introspect Over Impulse™.

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