Where are the people who are making a difference in the lives of others? Where are the people who are living their dreams or headed in the direction of living their dreams? Not only on social networks but in our daily lives, ¬†there are always those loud and seemingly obnoxious people sucking the air out of a room and depleting the positive energy that keeps us afloat. Chances are in that same room there’s someone humbly observing and making mental notes, occasionally engaging with others.

Why is it that negativity and shallow things seem to drown out all the things that lift us up and bring us together? I once read that negativity comes together forcefully and spreads far more rapidly than positivity but it takes half the potency of positivity to negate that pool of negativity. The problem is people who actually have something to say often retreat in fear of being shunned by those who wish to convey negativity or draw attention to themselves to fill the voids insecurity have left behind.

All of the tangible things that people cling to and praise as a symbol of wealth and success while seeking acceptance seem to be far more important than feeding the soul. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with shoes, clothes, and cars but those things aren’t changing lives unless you happen to be supporting a small business or free lance artist. Due to this so many talented people mute their voices when they should be yelling from the rafters. So many people are suppressing their art because if it hasn’t been mentioned in a rap song it’s not worthy to be obtained.

Even in the realm of the doers there are innovators, creators, and there are imitators. There are people with millions of followers stealing from a brilliant mind that may have a small following and profiting off of a poorly executed idea that isn’t even their own. We need to stop looking to support and encourage the self proclaimed selfie gawds, meme makers, and trendy hustlers looking to make a quick buck. We have to start focusing on those who act from a place of passion and cultivate the talented. If you are the passionate and talented, STAND UP AND BE HEARD! I’m not saying the path will be easy but because you are a chosen one if you are willing to withstand the resistance and seeming lack of support longevity will be yours.

Notice I said seeming lack of support because people are always watching and with every view, thought, and word spoken about what you are doing is placing energy in your direction that can shift your life at any given moment. All it takes is one second, one instance, one moment; but you cannot be heard if you do not speak up. You will not be seen if you do not stand up. If it is your passion you should be doing it whether it brings revenue your way or not. It’s not your job to worry about the harvest you are simply meant to plant the seed.

Remember anyone can be “hot” but is there longevity in that? Anyone can know your name but is it for good reason? Anyone can do something but if they aren’t spreading goodness over this Earth their deeds are in vain. Keep pushing, keep creating, never stop dreaming, and don’t forget to leave a lasting imprint on someone’s heart; it’s your first step in leaving your imprint on the World.

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