On the first run of this website I posted an open letter that I never saved. That letter was lost due to a severe hacking our server experienced which at the time seemed to be a major inconveniece but in hindsight has been a blessing in disguise. In that open letter I gave some background information on not only myself but my vision and many of the things that conspired to get me to where I am today.

One of the things I discussed was my online history coupled with my writing history. There’s not too many social networking platforms that I haven’t participated in and on each of those platforms I was an avid user of the blog feature. MySpace was my little piece of heaven where I would spend my sleepless nights writing many of my most vulnerable thoughts. It’s very well possible to have people who love and support you that you can’t seem to fully confide in and that was the space I found myself in. I never thought for one second people would actually read my posts. Once people started contacting me and giving feedback on my writings, I stopped posting. Even though I stopped posting I couldn’t bring myself to stop writing. I found a new platform on Downelink and my blogging journey began again only to be cut short once I realized people were actually reading my thoughts.

I scaled back from Downlink and found myself on Tumblr in it’s beginning stages. Since my first blog conception on Tumblr, their platform has grown tremendously and I’ve had at least 3 different pages. It was here discovered I wanted my own website but I was unsure as what I would actually do with it. I taught myself how to code and I would write non stop day and night often times not leaving the house with not a care in the world about if my words were being read.

I was so convinced that this is the path I wanted to take that I decided to go get some tattoos about it. My first depiction was an open laptop with the words “Unconventional Ambition” written on the screen. I went to the tattoo shop and conveyed my message to my tattoo artist and he said in so many words it wasn’t a good idea. Image-1I decided to go with just the script and inquired about another idea I had in the back of my mind. Being from 757 (Hampton Roads), VA it’s almost inevitable that you are a N*E*R*D fan. My second choice of tattoo was inspired by their logo and a quote from the most awesome person in the world, Pharrell Williams stating, “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.”

These are parts of me that have been embedded into my being since March 2009. I wasn’t in the best place of my life at the time but I surely wasn’t at my worst although that’s what I thought at the time. It was the remainder of that year and all the things that came with it that ultimately guided me to my purpose though I was well on my path.

Unconventional Ambition stood for and represented the person I was at the time and acted as a reminder that I didn’t want to live the life the world would have me to live. I had quit a great paying job and completed schooling from that job where I finished second in my class but I felt dead inside. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew everything I didn’t want to do and that was more than enough for me.

A long and hard fought 3 years later, I obtained my business license from the state of Virginia under the name Unconventional Ambition, LLC. During this time I had done a lot of freelance writing and when I say freelance I mean I didn’t get a dime nor was I looking for one. I was seeking an experience, I wanted to live life. I helped fellow creative and artists attempt to build their brands and I’ve been blessed to have access to tours put on by some of the biggest names in music today.

These tattoos not only represent struggle but they represent how in time all things can come together for your good when you don’t see how. From the time I obtained my business license to the time I initially launched my website two years passed. That two years wasn’t as difficult as the period leading up to me obtaining my license but there were tests and lessons that needed to be learned.

Five years have passed since I first got these words etched into my skin and my vision is moving forward full force. I have a website that is up and running with my vulnerability vastly improving. We have products to coincide with our vision and inspire others to BELIEVE in themselves. I’m back into helping people build their brands and realize their visions only now I’m getting paid to do so.

These tattoos aren’t just tattoos and I know they’ll be with me forever. They tell a story that has yet to be finished and have traveled the world with me as I set out to chase my dreams. Image-1Just last year I got my logo tattooed on the same arm where I originally got the UA script. A logo I drew on the back of a business card when getting fitted for my friends wedding in 2013. An old school skeleton key with a brain as the handle and the prongs on the opposite end forming a not so easily detected crown. What this logo means to me is that our brains hold all the potential to unlock our hearts truest desires. It’s the skeleton key for the lives we were meant to live with the crown representing the royalty in which we come from and have the potential to obtain. It wasn’t until shortly after I realized it was similar to my brain tattoo which meant for me I was right at home.



First LAME Way tattoo outside of my own.

I’m beyond thankful for this journey and I’m humbled to see someone out in this crazy world believes in me enough to have done the same. As my movement grows I hope to see LAME Way tattoos all over the world, not just from those I know but people who just feel our message speaks to them. Tagging the world isn’t just about stickers but more so about believing in something and carrying it wherever you go because you live it. Thank you to all who continue to help us tag the world.

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