Showtime also affectionately known as “Mr. Talk of the Town” is a radio professional, author, and blogger hailing from Hampton Roads, VA. His radio career began at Norfolk State University in the year 2000 leading him to On Top Communications in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2002. By the year 2008, he returned to WNSB at Norfolk State University creating The Talk of Town Morning Show allowing him to form timeless relationships and connections in the entertainment industry. As a contributor to  Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love, and Fatherhood, Showtime’s words were placed along side numerous prominent figures in the community including Talib Kwali, Rhymefest, activist Kevin Powell, Professor William Jelani Cobb, and hip hop historian Davey D.


Show in our grey logo hoodie.

I first met Show via social networking long before I put my vision out for the world to see. At the time I was still lost and unruly without a care in the world and I mean that in the worst way possible. He always treated me with kindness although in his head he was most likely saying, “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!” It just so happened we both were unknowingly transitioning through different phases in our lives. I was trying to find a way to restore myself and breathe life into my vision while he was making his way to his current home in Raleigh, NC at K97.5.

Prior to me even having a logo, Show allowed me to pick his brain and served as somewhat of a mentor along the way. There’s been many times I’ve wanted to act or speak from a not so positive place and watching him transition and the places its taken him would be the very thing that reeled me back into sensibility. When I speak of his transitioning, I speak in reference to his initial blog Showtime Says mainly pertaining to pop culture and the entertainment industry to his new platform The Single Father’s Blog. To know Show is to know he’s a great man with a kind heart, someone who has seen and been a part of the entertainment industry for almost 20 years.Image-1 Although that journey has taken him so many places and allowed him to shake numerous hands, his true passion lies in his love for his daughter. The things he’s putting together now for The Single Father’s Blog and his active role in not only his daughter’s life but the community as well are true testaments of how the things we love can lead us to our true passions and callings in life.

Radio and communications are an innate part of Show but he is in the process of manifesting a legacy that will extend far beyond this lifetime. Thanks Show for being a man of your word and a great example to the men and young men in our community. Your support is always appreciated and never overlooked. Love and blessings to you and all your future ventures.


Show with Director Kim Best & Dr. Steve Perry at the Fatherhood Conference 2014


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