Everything that happens in life I some how manage to relate back to The Alchemist. That book is like a manual to decipher hindsight reflections and proceed cautiously in the present. When I was in the process of making plans for my 30th birthday, I took into consideration what everyone wanted me to do except for myself. Lavish trips, expensive dinners, shots till you throw up or pass out and everything else that comes with the territory. That was until one day it hit me, I didn’t want to do anything except have some time to myself and do whatever it was that I wanted to do even if that meant nothing at all.

Seeing as though I’m not the type of person to put any type of pressure on others be it financial or just an obligation of their time I chose to do nothing at all. After spending much of my year last year traveling literally non stop I just wanted to rest and enjoy the company of one of my favorite people in the world. It just so happened a former classmate who had recently formed a jazz band was having an album release party the weekend of my birthday and I decided this would be the perfect thing for me to do for me to celebrate life.

Image-1Evening News Band is a jazz fusion band hailing from Norfolk, VA comprised of four members. Kasey Square who founded the band in 2011 can be found on the keys. Other members of the band include his long time friend Wellington “Boo” Britt on the drums, CJ Mercer on bass, and Gregory John rounds out the group on the saxophone. Prior to the show I purchased their single Clear Skies which can be found on iTunes along with their entire album.

Of course you never know what to expect when seeing people in their element and being vulnerable through their art but what I experienced not only met but far exceeded my expectations. Upon entering the venue I spotted his lovely wife and their handsome son, after speaking and letting them know I had come to support I took my seat at the bar. Image-1Having a musical background albeit dusty and unpolished at this point, I know good music and artistry when I see it. I absolutely got lost in the show and went through so many emotions in that short period of time. It wasn’t hard to see the passion in each one of the guys as they played the music they had been working so hard on and the energy produced as a result of that passion could be undeniably felt.

Image-1As they led us into each song my mind wandered to a different place. I observed the crowd, drank ice cold beer, and couldn’t help but cry as the band played Jewel of The Sea. Written for the likeness of his wife, seeing Kasey get lost in the music to this particular song moved my heart and touched my soul. I couldn’t help but think of the love I have in me, a love that is shared and seen it’s worst days. To see his family in there supporting him spoke to the fears that sometimes arise in me. This was more than an album release show it was like a coming of age and a swing of the pendulum in the right direction of so many new beginnings for myself so I couldn’t even begin to know what the band felt that night.

Image-1The venue was packed and they had a second show lined up, I saw a few familiar faces but was hoping to see more people from the area come to support. We have so many amazing talents in the Hampton Roads area most of which don’t garner the support they deserve until they have already become successful in some form or fashion. Hopefully when he’s not touring the world and the guys all have a clear schedule, Evening News will put on another show. It was the perfect date night to my birthday weekend and the necessary fuel needed to solidify my path of dream chasing.

I always thought Kasey was a practical guy and I’m sure he is but I was beyond impressed to see him unconventionally chasing his ambitions. Like myself I’m sure he could have been a doctor, lawyer, or whatever typical career he could have possibly chosen. To see him making a living and supporting his family on his own terms opened my eyes to the fact that it’s okay to follow your dreams and chase your passions no matter your race, academic abilities, or sex on a completely personal level.

People often make the mistake of thinking that just because you tread your own path that you have to be some kind of eclectic and whimsical person. They sometimes think you don’t have any other options when more times than not you have plenty. They deem you irrational and different for not following the norms of society, but when you’re aligned with yourself and are walking in your purpose even the ugly things that happen along the way act as a catalyst to some of the most beautiful pieces of art that change the world.

I actually listen to Evening News when I’m driving in the car and sometimes when I’m sitting at home trying to find some peace. Other times when I desire to hear music but don’t want my mind cluttered with the chaos that lyrics sometimes bring, I drift away to Evening News. You can preview the songs on iTunes but while you’re there you may as well purchase the album.

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