Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“Do what you do with love, and success is a natural symptom.” -James Altucher

Our meditation today is about understanding the central role love plays in our success. We might think that our relationships, our passions, and caring for ourself and for others may only be a small factor in our overall success in life. But these bonds of love define our emotional core and tell us who we are and how we are connected to the world.

These currents of love, caring, and passion are what awaken our creativity and carry us forward to accomplish big things in life. By tapping into your love, you are establishing your success on your core values and truths. Living your life from that center of love, you can only be successful.

CENTERING THOUGHT: I am here to bring more love into the world.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Aham Prema (I am love.)

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

1.) How do you express love in your work? Write down three ways you emotionally connect at your job.

My entire body of work is an expression of love. My business started as a hobby and acted as a self healing mechanism but the more I shared my stories the more I seemed to connect with people. I’ve always been the type to help others so it was natural to merge the two and as a result Unconventional Ambition, LLC was started and The LAME Way was founded. Three ways I emotionally connect with my work are:

  • Being vulnerable & sharing my experiences with others.
  • Encouraging others to realize the best they have to offer the world and hopefully motivating them to use their gifts.
  • Outreach programs and initiatives with other organizations & businesses.

2.) Write about how you share the benefits of your success with those around you.

I believe that I share the benefits of my success with everyone not just those around me. By telling my story and revealing my struggles, hopefully people can see that sacrifice and hard work pays off. Not just in a business sense but in daily life as well. Success is about many things and inner peace and happiness are a few of those things. Although I may isolate myself often from others I hope that the obvious benefits of having focus and purpose motivates others to make the hard decisions to do what’s best for them.

As far as those around me, I pray that my energy and good spirit are contagious and spread like a wild fire. As I grow those around me grow as well, from collaborating on business ventures to just sharing experiences I’ve had to grow through along the way. I’ve given when I’ve had nothing and I’ve given when I’ve had a lot. I understand that there is more to giving than just financial support and benefits far exceed monetary things. But as I grow and become more successful in the financial arena I want to be a better example for financial responsibility for my family, friends, and peers.

3.) Reflect on the affection you hold for those who share your passion and who are helping you succeed. Now write down three ways you can strengthen those connections.

Those who genuinely support me personally and professionally hold a special place in my heart. Support can come in many forms but the energy felt is undeniable. People can say they support you but their efforts lack tremendously, people don’t have to say they support you and their efforts will speak volumes. I make mental notes of the efforts and lack there of from numerous people. I never take anything personally because I don’t have a clue what others may be going through on their path but it doesn’t mean that I am unaware. I don’t just support people who support me, I support people based on what they have to offer and the intent behind what they are offering. Three ways I can strengthen connections with those who support me are:

  • Supporting and encouraging them in not just difficult times but life’s many transitions as well.
  • Give constructive criticism in areas that I believe it can be useful.
  • Just by simply being there; whether it’s to listen or physically be a presence in other’s lives.

4.) Daily Reflection: 

Creativity and success that flows abundantly are direct byproducts of existing from a place of love. As you begin to become more successful in being love, not just to those you know but those you don’t as well, other areas of your life will begin to flourish. Your presence becomes lighter and your energy will act as a light as opposed to being a damper on all that you encounter. It’s like an everlasting flow or reciprocation from love to success to giving and back to receiving all of the above. Support can come in many forms and can be misconstrued in so many ways. Some people will support you financially because they believe in you and others just because they see others supporting you. You may support someone in hopes that they will support you in return which is not necessarily a given. One reason may be because they are afraid that what you have to offer will over shadow their own endeavors and another reason may be that it genuinely does not appeal to them. That’s why it is important to only support what you believe in. Keep your intentions good and the rest will never matter, when you act with underlying motives more times than not it’s you that will end up disappointed. No matter how support finds you, it’s support so be thankful for it and never think support is something you deserve just because you are doing. You should be doing from a place of love because you exist from a place of love, support will come how and when it’s supposed to. Everyone’s platform isn’t meant to be grandiose, some people are meant to be the world within their community and others are destined for the world to know their name. Rewards and monetary value are perks of living a loving and purposeful life, ironically it’s those people who usually gain all those things that could actually care less about them. At the end of the day it’s all about love; giving and receiving the proper kinds of love. Be the love you wish to receive and act without attachment to form. When it’s genuine people will support you, the right kinds of people. And to me, that is success.

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.