Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing.”  -Ram Dass

Today we complete the first week of our journey together. Congratulations! This week we have learned that success is an inner process toward worthy goals that expands our love and creativity. We have also learned that our body, mind, and emotions are key allies in manifesting a successful life. Our meditation today is about enlisting our most vital and yet often overlooked ally – our being. Being is the silent, unshakable foundation of our life. It gives purpose, strength, balance, and direction to our life, just by virtue of its existence. It is different from the other allies which actively send signals back to us to regulate life. Being is self-regulating, self-sustaining, and self-aware. When we are connected to our being, we feel secure, confident, loving, open, and awake.

CENTERING THOUGHT: Success flow from my being.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Sarvatva Namah (I open my awareness to wholeness)

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

1.) Today’s meditation is about recognizing your Being as the root of all your success. Being itself is abstract and outside of sensory experience, but we can monitor our connection with Being by noticing how we feel after meditation. After today’s meditation, did you feel more relaxed, clear, and peaceful? Write down anything you notice. Any feelings of ease and calm indicate a growing connection to your Being.

Today’s meditation was a good one for me. I started the week out strong but experienced a little static towards the end of the week. I made it through yesterday’s meditation but I fully experienced today’s. During the beginning of my meditation I experienced some mind chatter but was able to relax myself and quiet my mind. By the end of the meditation I was completely relaxed and almost in a state of sleep. I had mental images and felt a sense of calm. I felt more clear and relaxed as if I had released a few proverbial weights and I’m definitely breathing easier. I feel more aligned as I had been feeling off kilter for the past few days.

2.) Feeling insecure, anxious, and glum are often indications of disconnection from your state of Being. When you feel safe, centered, happy, and alert, you are connected to Being. Think back over the last few days of the Meditation Experience and write down the general feelings you have after meditation, during your daily activities. Do your feelings during activity indicate greater connection to Being?

The past few days I know  have been slightly disconnected from Being. From the thoughts I had been having to things that I had been feeling that ultimately led to an overwhelming case of anxiety I know that I haven’t been centered completely. These feelings and state of being disconnected have been affecting my activities but I did not let them trickle into other aspects of my life which is major progression for me. I contained the negative energy and chose to take time to myself to realign with my place of peace.

3.) Our Being is intelligent, creative, and self-organizing. When we connect with it, it automatically balances and organizes divergent aspects of our life. Have you had an experience where the organizing power of your Being seemed to solve a problem, without you having to do much? Maybe it was a misunderstanding with a loved one, where you couldn’t talk to them directly, but you felt the silent organizing influence of your Being resolved the issues effortlessly. Write down an experience where the power of your Being solved a problem.

The power of Being has solved many problems for me. If it were not in the forms of resting patiently and peacefully to just being silent and letting potential moments of conflict pass me by. This is the basis of the mantra I created to represent The LAME Way; “Not a point to prove, nor an argument to make.” It is also the inspiration for our Introspect Over Impulse tee. Thinking before acting or speaking can solve a lot of potential problems or misunderstandings. Feeling what you feel and allowing those feelings to pass you by without irrationally acting can not only grow you as a person but can help you to avoid situations that can deter you from your path.

4.) Daily Reflection: 

Whenever we experience anxiety, doubt, or insecurity it is a direction correlation of not being aligned with yourself. This can come from places you venture to, people your find yourself around, things you take in via social media or television, or just not taking the time alone to find stillness. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with work, relationships, and family and forget to nurture ourselves. Sometimes we can do so much for others that we wish for others to just lighten the load for us even if it’s just a little bit. What we have to realize is simply everything begins and ends with you. Everyone has their own life paths and just because you choose to accommodate someone on theirs doesn’t mean that will be reciprocated. But we don’t act for reaction and we don’t give to receive. Everything we say and do is a direct extension of us and all that we are and are aiming to become. If something doesn’t fit into your greater picture for life don’t step outside of yourself to appease the ego of others because appeasing egos be it yours or someone else’s will cause discourse on your path. It’s natural to be affected by life and everyday won’t be smiles and sunshine. It’s what you do on the days that don’t shine so bright that makes the sunny days that much better. Don’t work so hard on being “perfect” that you forget that you are human. Don’t strive so much for “success” that you forget you are successful compared to where you may have been last year. Don’t get so caught up in others people’s lives that you fail to see the value and potential in your own. Sometimes you need to disconnect from people, places, and things such as social networking and television. Be more mindful of the music you listen to and conversations you choose to participate in.

Peace is an inside job and any static you may feel in your life or about the lives of others is direct reflection of something going on inside of you. Any discourse in our lives must first be handled with ourselves and healing comes through ourselves. Pointing the finger at others solves nothing be it a fault of theirs or not. We cannot make people understand how their actions may have caused us pain nor can we make them apologize for that but we can forgive and let go. We don’t need permission or admission of fault from others to exercise forgiveness.

Being whole is an ongoing job, one that has it’s ups and downs. A bad day or a chaotic week doesn’t equate to not being whole. It’s just part of the processes necessary to keep you moving toward fulfilling your life’s purpose. Take the bad days just as you take the good. Share your experiences no matter if they be perceivably good or bad  because it’s an opportunity to heal or help others.

Perceptions of perfection are what drives insecurities turned “hate” or disdain for others that doesn’t even exist. Wholeness is peace where we are but the will power to work towards where we are going. Wholeness is not needing anything other than what you are, what you have, and the faith you carry with you. Wholeness does not come from things or other people.

Affirm: I am whole and that wholeness is evident in all aspects of my life. Sometimes I may feel broken but I am not broken. Moments of discourse in my life are only meant to redirect my attention and give me opportunity to refocus and regroup to better move forward. 

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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