Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“Self-trust is the first secret to success.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Congratulations on completing another week of our Meditation Experience. This week we have been learning how to make every decision a success. A big part of making successful decisions is learning to trust your decisions. That means making choices and not worrying or second-guessing yourself, wondering afterwards if you made the right choice or if you should have waited.

Information will always be inadequate and there will inevitably be uncertainties. But if you make your choices according to a broad vision that sees life unfolding according to a higher purpose, then you can trust your decisions knowing that this greater intelligence will organize and orchestrate all the details, even if your mind cannot fully fathom them.

Today’s meditation will connect us to that infinite intelligence and help us develop an inner confidence that allows us to trust our decisions.

CENTERING THOUGHT: I trust that my life fits a larger plan.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Eem Hreem Kleem (I draw knowledge and truth to my core self).

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

1.) When we are in touch with our higher intelligence, we can make the uncertainties of life our friend. We feel this greater purpose that carries life forward, even though we cannot see or anticipate how all the details fit together. Write about an experience in your life where a great uncertainty was resolved when you released your need to control events, and in which you were able to relax into your higher self and embrace the uncertainty.

The past five years of my life have been filled with uncertainty. Reflecting back to the beginning of those five years the uncertainty was a great cause  of stress and discourse in my life possibly mainly because I didn’t have a plan. I was unsure about what I wanted from life and what I had to offer life. I could very easily tell you THINGS that I wanted and how I wanted my life to be based on THINGS but I had no idea how to obtain those things and if they would truly make me happy. Approximately the the third year into that five year span I realized what I had to offer the world and my desire for THINGS subsided. I no longer worried about that in which I could obtain and began to focus on what I could become. In that I found purpose and in my purpose I became blessed with things and a more stable financial situation.

Upon gaining more financial stability I realized that I just wanted to invest in myself and my dream more. I was and still am uncertain on how some of my vision and goals will come together but I am also not worried by those uncertainties because I am not where I stood 2-3 years ago. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I was able to be carried out of my past and brought forth into where I am today, that tomorrow is of no concern to me and I will be elevated when my time comes.

2.) Uncertainties that present themselves as life crises or major setbacks to our goals can undermine our sense of trust. These events challenge us to go deeper within our Being, and eventually lead us to the understanding that even these disappointments and frustrations are serving our evolution. The growth that comes from living through these crises with awareness and openness create an even deeper trust, and become important components of our success. Describe an experience in your journal where going through a crisis led to a deeper feeling of trust within.

I’m no stranger to crisis from my personal life to professional life. It’s crazy that I’ve gone through so much devastation and loss in my personal life, I still possess the ability to be affected for a certain time frame but ultimately remain okay with relationships coming and going or losing people to illness or death. These days I seem to take my professional crisis to the heart more than my personal ones and even through those I know there’s a big picture. Maybe this is a flaw to some and maybe it’s a strength to others. All that I know is that it works for me. From loss of people to setbacks in my business such as my website crashing and having to start from scratch, I have learned to trust myself far more than I ever have. It’s rare that I get worked up over anything and even when I do, I have the ability to know that something greater lies ahead whether I can foresee the outcome or not.

One vivid example is when I underwent the initial build of my website, I had a very specific mental picture in mind. Upon the completion of my website everything looked good and was amazing but it wasn’t what I had envisioned. A few months later my site was hacked twice and then I lost every piece of work I had posted. I was completely devastated but I said you know what, it’s going to be okay. When my site was rebuilt it was EXACTLY what I imagined it to be initially and a new fire was birthed in me. My business and my mentality have not been the same since. Even though at the time I was slightly devastated, it all worked in my favor and for my good.

3.) Describe other insights you gained going through this experience. Aside from developing a more profound level of trust, did you uncover unknown resources of inner wisdom and strength that made you a more complete and successful person?

Other insights I learned from that experience are:

  • Reinforcement of acting without attachment to form
  • Accepting that in which you can’t change
  • When you can’t change something you adjust accordingly
  • Often times a setback can work in your favor
  • Often times a setback can be protecting you from something
  • Don’t worry about the how, just do what you can & things will work out how they’re supposed to.
  • You won’t feel positively about everything that happens to you and that’s okay but you do have the ability to not sit in that space.

4.) Daily Reflection:

Everything we have gone through and will go through acts as part of a larger plan for our lives. Even when we have a vision and plan for ourselves things can come up and the path is never strictly from point A to point B. In between destinations of beginning our journey until our mission is complete there will be many things to test you and you will either grow from them or run from them remaining where you are in life. It is of the utmost importance to find your purpose because without purpose it is far easier to let life beat you up. When you have goals in front of you and a vision inside of you it’s almost impossible to be defeated by the trivial things that may be thrown your way. This is due to the fact that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a bigger plan for your life.

Affirmed: My life plays an intricate part in the greater good of rising up my community and my fellow man. In order for me to be aligned with my purpose and that greater good  must know myself and be firm in who I know myself to be. The confidence that comes with knowing yourself also comes with the peace of knowing even setbacks work in my favor and can be protecting me from myself and others. I celebrate my setbacks just as I celebrate my gains because more times than not, they go hand in hand. My life has a greater purpose and I am open to whatever path leads me to fulfilling that purpose.

Manifesting True Success is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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