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Today’s Quote:  “Be aware of that inner voice which encourages a return to old ways.” – Sarah Varcas
Old ways… We all have our old ways. We all have those things we want to run back to when we start to feel uncomfortable.  For some that may be old behaviors, for others it may be old friends or partners.  Some times it may be old emotional patterns that want to resurface every once in a while.   But Sarah Varcas tells us to be aware of that voice inside of you that is pushing you back to those old ways.
 Any thing that is old is behind you and there is no room for it here in the present.  Most times when we are growing we end up feeling uncomfortable so the first thing that we want to do is return to things that are familiar to us.  But just because something is familiar doesn’t mean that it’s beneficial and that’s what we must remember.

 So don’t let stress get the best of you this week.  Don’t let it take you back to your old attitude as a defense mechanism.  Don’t let loneliness run you back to exes that hurt you or friends that aren’t any good for you.  Don’t go back to being closed off just because people aren’t receptive to the love you are putting out.  Old ways are easier but most times it never leads to anything better. And you can always tell when you are in the middle of a positive shift.  You can always tell when you are growing because that inner voice encouraging old ways will pop up. It will pop up to test you.  How bad do you want to live your new life?  How dedicated are you to being a better you?  Old things pop up to test you, so don’t let the comfort of something old cause you to fail your test.
Some of you I know personally, some I don’t know at all but I believe that it’s safe to say we all have that inner voice that creeps in encouraging our old ways.  We have to support each other, we have to support our friends, co workers, business partners, family members, lovers,  team mates and hold each other accountable to the personal goals we have set for our selves to have a better life.  We have to call each other out when we are reverting back to old behaviors.

We are in this together!  

If today you are living and doing better than you were before, you do not owe your past a second chance.  You don’t need to let those old ways back in. 
You have come too far to look behind you!  
Tell that inner voice to hush up because you aren’t where you use to be any more.  
You aren’t who you use to be any more. 
So just know that inner voice will show up, but don’t fight it. 
Acknowledge it and know that it means you have grown past that.  

Be aware of it, but don’t let it get the best of you.

Today’s Affirmation:  I am aware of the inner voice encouraging old ways but I will not let old ways win.


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