Life is nothing merely than a compilation of lessons. Take for instance when you’re born that stage of your life your goals are to walk, talk, eat, etc. Next you go on to learn to count, read and so on. For some reason I think that after we graduate and begin to live our adult lives the ideal of having and obtaining goals doesn’t go away the focus shifts. Our goals become about obtaining things rather than acquiring knowledge.

In life the lessons will ensue until the day we take our last breath. This is why so many people refer to life as a journey, it gives you a far greater perspective on the possibilities and forms it can take. Some believe in predisposition and destiny and lineage and I am very well one of those people. I believe that no matter who you are or where you come from there was already a purpose placed in you and on your life before you entered the world. Along with that destiny came a set of lessons that if handled properly will lead you to a life fulfilled not free of pain or sadness but possessing enough love and happiness to outweigh the tougher times.

The best way to maintain your path and the best chances you have for receiving the lesson is to be and remain centered with yourself. You have to know who you are as a person and you must be one with your soul. This requires time to yourself, not being afraid to go with your inner feelings as opposed to appeasing others, and constantly being willing to push past your comfort zones.

Not taking the time to get to know yourself and not staying true to yourself will cause you to have to repeat the same tests in many different forms because you have yet to heed the lesson. Not heeding the lesson often more times than not will cost you time, money, and without a doubt bruise your ego. For some reason people will waste time and money any day just to play tug of war games in life to maintain what they think is control over their ego. Control and ego go hand in hand but more times than not when we think we are in control is when we are the furthest from it. When you think you are in control you make decisions that you constantly have to internally justify. You spend so much times attempting to internally justify your behavior that you begin to do it publicly.

Thinking you are in control and knowing you are in control are two completely different things. When you know you’re in control you can reside in a place of peace. You can operate from our own homegrown mantra, “Not a point to prove nor an argument to make.” Knowing you are in control is nothing more than being centered and aligned and knowing that any and every decision you make is coming from a connected place.

Life’s lessons will never stop coming; they can be repetitious, refreshers, or catalysts in us rising higher. The choice is a personal one. Yes, there are things that we must take into account and influences that can distort our perceptions of what life is supposed to be but in the end our life is a reflection of the choices we have made. I can’t tell anyone how to live nor do I try to, for one I don’t allow anyone to tell me how to live. What I can do and often find myself doing is encouraging people to find and be true to themselves. To do what makes their soul happy and spirit light. Be genuine in all that you do. Remember that life is real and there is no time to waste because none of know how much we truly have. Make each day full, not by just occupying your time but by making that time worth while.

Don’t let the lessons in life cost you, choose to make the lessons that inevitably come your way reward you greatly. Be open to the various teachers that may come your way; nature, your peers, elders, the youth. Vessels of experience and confirmation come in all forms, many people miss the lesson because they’re too caught up in the messenger.

Affirmed: I am open to all lessons that are necessary for me to grow and excel. I am not biased in how or where the information comes because knowing myself and my truth will allow me to find my center and the message thats meant specifically for me. Not only am I an open vessel to receive but that same space of openness allows me to freely give as well. 

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