If my work can’t coincide with my fun it’s usually not fun for me. Most people’s idea of fun is escaping their every day life. I don’t need an escape from the life I’ve created and been blessed with because it’s the life I actually envisioned for myself. No it’s not perfect and no everything isn’t always all good. However, my bad days are few and far between. So when I do decide I want to relieve myself of work and break from life it’s usually with those I build with. This works for me because those I build with usually are bringing something to the table and have a table of their own. They know risk and reward. They live sacrifice and they know the power of restraint and self control because they too have something to lose.

I can’t play with people who play all day. I can’t work with those who seek to chase a dollar. I have to exist with those who seek to make a difference, follow their dreams, and live their passions. Everything I do is an extension of me and what I work for and the people I work for. The same is applicable in the reverse so yes I’m cautious about who I associate with and who I choose to build with.

I do well with those who do well with themselves. Those who nurture and grow themselves, push themselves to be better and make a difference in their world. That’s how we change the world.

I build with those who don’t flock with the masses but still have the ability to influence the masses. We lead by example not by talk. We veer left when society says we should be going right. There is no fitting in, we stand out by being ourselves and remaining true to that.

I am blessed to already have a tribe rooted in purpose and strong enough to branch out and help one another and the community. You can try and form a team, create an alliance but when it’s not divinely blessed, progression will not be made. When the motive is self serving yes you can gain attention, popularity, even financial gain but most times it can be fleeting and unfulfilling in the long run.

My consistency has taken me places I’ve never imagined seeing. My tenacity has allowed me the patience to go with the flow and not aim to just be a diligent worker. Life has heightened my senses in such a regard that I can see through people and I know what their hearts are like. Wisdom has quieted my mouth and ordered my steps. I walk tall but humble. But more important than anything, having a purpose has and is constantly saving my life. And through all of that I’m just blessed to have love which sustains me, grows me, and encourages me.

I don’t care to be surrounded by followers, where are the leaders who possess the ability, desire, and willingness to serve. The fact that you are not in the forefront doesn’t mean you are not a leader. A leader is made through action and service. A general is an organizer among leaders. What I’m trying to build is coalition of generals in their own right that possess enough confidence and security in their purpose that they can band together to grow one another and our community.

It’s time to shift the paradigm.

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