She was like a gypsy; a beautiful fair skinned woman with rich dark hair & eyes that told the strangest story you ever did see. She was awkward and misunderstood…she was perfect for me.

Image-1Write. Write. Write. I have so many things written every where, in notebooks, on my computer, in journals, in my phone, and on napkins. Writing by yourself and for yourself is easy, sharing it with the world isn’t. Most of my posts are slightly muted because I still struggle to push the boundaries but only writing will get me there. The aforementioned quote is something I wrote years ago. Have you ever thought to yourself, “how do rappers, singers, and orators remember all those things when they’ve written so much?” I have. Based on time and the experience that I’ve been able to have, it’s simple. When something comes from the heart, when it’s a part of you, you never forget it. There’s a difference between jotting ideas and freely writing. For me there even lies a difference when writing with purpose. There’s too much thought involved, it’s not as organic as it could be.

Along this journey of living life and extending that into a business I’ve been able to meet some awesome people. One day I happened to be on Twitter and I came across this outspoken individual and I couldn’t seem to pass through her tweets. She was so outspoken I almost felt a certain kind of way because it made me uncomfortable. I don’t quite remember what got us interacting but as I’ve come to know her she’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met yet very familiar. I’ve supported my friends and peers on their artistic endeavors via photographs, paintings, music, you name it. I commissioned my first piece of art last year and fell in love. In wanting to share that feeling I decided I would commission another piece but I wanted it to be special and I immediately thought of something that I had written many years ago.

I emailed this artist whom I refer to as Awesome Pete and we set up a call to discuss the nature of the piece I wanted to have done. I sent her my quote; her excitement and ability she was given to have creative reign created a feeling of positive anxiousness in me. During the process she sent me a few progress pictures and I was amazed. Image-1Each time I would see a pic there was a new layer, new look, but the feel remained true to the natural essence of my words. It was then I sent her a picture of the gypsy and she told me she had seen her in her dreams. She then told me about an initial direction she had taken the piece but second guessed herself and changed it. Words can’t describe moments like this but when you feel them you know. There were things that held significance that I had not even discussed or described. When you exist and build with people who aligned with themselves and their purpose, there’s a thing that happens and some people call it magic. I tend to simply prefer confirmation.

The posted photos do this piece no justice whatsoever. There’s textures that can’t be seen and energies that can’t be felt. However, if you look closely you can see the layers. IMG_2924You can see the duality of light and dark that lies in us all. The gypsy is grounded but she’s of another realm; although the darkness exists there’s so more beauty and light. So much that even the dark spaces are beautiful. I didn’t ask for the eyes but those grabbed my attention first. I immediately thought of the “All Seeing Eye” but in my world that eye represents the vulnerability I’m allowed to stand strong in. The transparency in which I reside because in that space no matter how the world sees me, I am accepted and loved. My safe place can be found when getting lost in those eyes.

When writing the ultimate goal is to paint a mental picture one that will vary from person to person. But when someone can take your words and manifest them into something deeper or spot on with what you see and feel in your heart it’s beyond amazing.

Awesome Pete when I came to know her was pushing her business more so in the direction of being a tattoo artist but she has now grown into so much more. Although she is still tattooing,  that facet of her business is housed under an umbrella known as Ursie Hawk Art. Her ability to create knows no limits and she’s beyond passionate about not only her art but her clients as well. I’ve looked at this painting so many times and each time I see and feel something new. It’s so much more than a painting to me, it’s an appreciation for art, my peers, their endeavors. It’s me living my dreams while supporting that of someone else. It’s an infinite and limitless representation of the reciprocal nature of love and how the more you give the further it goes.

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