NICHE: A Creative Collective

We are proud to be a participating sponsor of Niche: A Creative Collective. Niche is an intimate yet diverse gathering of creatives and professionals alike. The focus is to bring unity as well as the ability to get familiar and build with like minded females. The events will be taking place in New York and Washington DC respectively. The initial vision is to keep it intimate so attendance will be based a list that is attainable via an RSVP process. If you are looking for positive support, inspiration, or just to simply expand your network please check out the Ursie Hawk website.
Here is what Niche is about in the words of one of it’s founders:
What is Niche?
While making our way through the creative world, corporate America and otherwise.. Each one of us operates differently in our chosen paths. It is what sets us apart from everyone else and exposes a different perspective. Niche’s focus is to cultivate an ever-budding conglomerate of women who are working individually as well as with each other to reach their full potential.
It has been my longtime goal to create an inviting space for creative  professionals and business owners alike to build organic connections. Often times the ideas are there, But the resources or the steady force of encouragement to propel projects forward, are not. Niche will provide both.
In the company of my good friend and business partner, Kaleda Williams, Our goal for Niche is to provide an inviting atmosphere where more than just business cards are exchanged and the opportunity to actually get to know the artist, the product or the cause. We’d like to help eradicate the ever cliché “social awkwardness” that often comes along with being in a roomful of strangers. Especially now, when our generation relies so heavily on technology and social media.
We encourage everyone to get back to the basics and communicate. Be present. Build. But ultimately BE INSPIRED and motivated to put yourself out there (More)! Niche is the perfect space for those who would like to learn, showcase their work, collaborate and build lasting partnerships with the likeminded. Niche stresses the importance of having an innovative and supportive foundation.
-Pete, Ursie Hawk Art

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