Mixed Society Presents Sunday Funday

To kick off Memorial Day weekend, Mixed Society launched it’s first Sunday Funday at Sliders in Va Beach, Va. Starting off as a day party guests have the option to carry their experience into the night. The atmosphere is very light and the vibe is whatever you make it. So no matter if you are looking to dance the night away, sit by the bar and catch the game, or converse across the table with your company there is something here for you.

The concept of Mixed Society is one that is based off of diversity, simply being yourself and allowing others to be who they are. With that being said there definitely was a mixed crowd on hand but nothing but positive vibes in the air. I didn’t make it to the earlier portion of Sunday Funday but upon my arrival the energy was still high and the crowd plentiful. There’s multiple bars so waiting for drinks is not an issue and the kitchen is more than prepared to balance out the damage done if you consume one too many of the  $3 Fireball shots or $7 Hennessy drinks that they offer on special every week.

There’s no smoking in the venue but there is a safe spot out front to gather if you wish to smoke right in the eyes of the security on hand manning the door. If missing the party is not an option for you then Mixed Society also offers a $10 hookah special.

Stepping out and venturing into business is never an easy task and hopefully Mixed Society sees it through and receives the support necessary to keep this going. Places to go and enjoy yourself without the politics and drama that can often be found at alternative gatherings are far and few in between. That’s if they even exist at all.

I know that Mixed Society has ties in Hampton Roads as well as Richmond, Va. and I’m looking forward to seeing how they innovate as well as grow their movement. I wish them nothing but success and the tenacity to see it through. Hopefully this can be the reemergence of a scene that is not only lacking but close to non existent.

Sunday Funday brought to you by Mixed Society will be located at Sliders 3157 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. each and every Sunday. Happy hour is from 6pm-9pm and if you wish to extend your experience they are open later until closing hours. Be sure to stop by and show some support and spread the word. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Sunday Sunday experience and I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces every now and again.

To keep up with Mixed Society for specials and giveaways find them on Instagram at  MixedSocietyPartyLife.

For VIP, reservations, or general information they can be reached at the following numbers:

  • (804) 882-9886
  • (804) 868-9683
  • (757) 513-6618

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