The LAME Way was created to be a platform for young creative women and professionals to build, express themselves, and let their voices be heard. A place where you could come to find inspiration, fuel your creativity, and have access to various services offered by your peers. A place where anyone could come to be informed or gain an alternate perspective of the way they see life and the world around them. This entire process has been and still is trial and error but over time the vision continues to come together. I’ve been blessed to be able to work with and solicit the services of a few of my peers while watching our respective endeavors grow. The path of entrepreneurship and being an artist is one that is filled with ups and downs and having a support system can go a long way.

Pyramid DreamsImage-1 is a graphic design company started by one of my peers whom I reached out to do a quick graphics job and blossomed into a wondrous working relationship. Founded on the belief that if we work hard and lay a strong foundation as we work our way up, we will have then created a platform for others to grow and reach their dreams as well. The wording may be different but the concept is beyond the same as my founding principles. Having a technical background with an insurmountable love for art it was inevitable that the founder of Pyramid Dreams TC Campbell forge her own path.

When seeking to work with and build with others we can choose based on surface things but when we are aligned with our purpose and surrender to that which is meant for us so many doors will open. The right people will be placed in your path and tailor-made opportunities will fall in your lap. When you open yourself up to others and encourage them to pursue their dreams that goodness comes back on you. The biggest misconception we face is that we must be selfish with our time, resources, and abilities. Just by adhering to our own model we have personally found that coming together and aiding one another is the fastest way to grow and bring others along with you.

I’ve watched TC grow and I continue to grow with her as our priorities coincide although our overall visions may differ. Thats the beauty of this life and the concept of what we both have built. Our interests and surface goals may be the same but our visions for our lives are as unique as the purpose placed in us. When you’re sure of yourself and your abilities you have no qualms with coming together. There is a lot of dissension in the atmosphere when it comes to supporting others no matter if it be a personal lifestyle choice or one that lies in the professional realm. People find more pleasure in being negative feeling validated by having a negative opinion and freely spewing that into the world as opposed to being indifferent. One of my main goals is to chip away at this toxic state of being by not complaining about it but by building in the opposite direction.

Why do we tear down others when we can be indifferent? Why not support others who are trying to better themselves? The internet has watered down just about everything we have come to know but the beauty in that is you don’t have to choose to be weary of it all, just focus on what appeals to you. There’s some people who will not support or work with others because they feel it will take away from them, I am not one of those people. I support that which appeals to me and I encourage all. Pyramid Dreams is the epitome of what The LAME Way was founded on and I’m beyond thankful that I was rooted enough in my own purpose to reach out and build with this young entrepreneur.

Image-1Along with being capable of fulfilling your design needs, Pyramid Dreams has merchandise available for it’s supporters with so much more in store. You can pick up one of the inaugural designs here and feel free to contact them for any design need big or small. No matter if you are in the beginning stages or simply need to revamp your look, take the time to invest in yourself. Your logo is a timeless extension of you and your venture that will speak to the world long before they know who you are or what you are about.

The road to success varies just as our individual visions do. Along with Pyramid Dreams I hope to reshape a culture and community. One not focused on promoting self and that of the physical, but building one another up creating a conglomerate of individuals living their dreams. Individuals who know themselves and are willing to play their part in the greater scheme of things. Just like the intricate nature of the pyramids in Egypt that have been able to withstand the tests of time we aim to build wondrous things that defy the odds, serve as tools for educating for years to come, and represent the hard work so many have come together to build for one greater purpose.

Everyone wants to feel connected to something in some regard yet ironically most lack the confidence necessary to really be vulnerable and build. They would rather blend in the crowd or serve as an observer turned critic for those are bold enough to try. We are not those people and together we will continue to build a platform for those who are ready to take the leaps of faith necessary to live a fulfilling life while having fun living their dreams. Be confident enough to allow vulnerability the power to fuel your dreams!!!

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