“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“Lightness and weightiness… are both choices in life.” ― Erik Pevernagie

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit. We are delighted you are joining us on this adventure to transform all of our heaviness and burdens in life to lightness and fulfillment. Together we will understand that “shedding the weight” is not only an issue for our bodies, but that we are also weighed down with emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens.

Today we discover that we don’t have to struggle to shed our burdens – all we need to do is expand our awareness. In that awareness we find the inner fulfillment that is our true self. This state of expanded awareness is the lightness in your life, and allows you to effortlessly let go of heaviness that doesn’t serve you.

As we continue this Meditation Experience over the next few weeks, we will explore all the ways to shed our weight, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

CENTERING THOUGHT: My struggle has ended. I am in harmony with myself.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Om Lughu Bahvam (I am lightness itself.)

1.) Consider the ways you feel weighed down in your life. Write a list of the burdens in your mind, body, and spirit that you wish to lighten in these three weeks.

Honestly I don’t feel weighed down by much. I’ve taken great strides with with my health by dropping a substantial amount of weight and managing to keep it off. I could do better and be more consistent in exercising but the choices that I make in regards to my diet often balances out my laziness & not making time for the gym.

My spirit is well and I probably tend to that more than I do the other things because I believe that if your spirit is well you have the ability to control the other areas of your life. The mind never stops replaying scenarios be it harboring the past, not feelings adequate in the present, or just simply wishing for whatever the future holds. If we get lost in these cycles of thinking we have the potential to create a place of misery for ourselves.

The most pressure I feel comes from my mind. I get caught up in the goals I wish to attain, the levels I aim to climb, and sometimes how will I make these things happen.

In this next three weeks, I wish to give balance to my mind, body, and spirit. My desire is for them to work together cohesively yet reeling in any area that is lacking without depleting those area within me that are strong.

2.) Write down three things you can do to find lightness in your life. For example, these could be listening to music, taking a walk, or playing with your children.

  • Minding my own business & working diligently.
  • Get moving and exercise daily.
  • Taking the time to pour into and bring light to my loved ones even when I don’t feel like it.

3.) Reflect on what nourishes your inner self, and then describe two things you can do today that nourish your spirit.

  • Meditate not just in the guided meditation but hold the mantra and centering thought in my heart and reflecting on it throughout the day. Just taking any time and space necessary for me to get still and breathe when I need it.
  • Getting things done and making progress with my work.

4.) Daily Reflection:

The struggles I once faced and the decisions I once had a difficult time making are no longer issues for me. As I have journeyed through my life a lot of things have been redundant and cyclical causing people to become accustomed to my patterned behavior. These patterned behaviors have often times been mistaken for who I am leading people to think they know what I am about. I am no longer the person I was five let alone ten years ago. But just as the centering thought states, “my struggle has ended; I am in harmony with myself.”

Although I may have difficulties and days that don’t feel as good as the others, I cannot recall the last time that I have struggled. I may not have known how I would get something done but the wellness of my spirit allowed me to wait patiently knowing that everything will be okay because it already is. It’s hard to get too down on yourself when you’ve watched yourself take nothing but an idea and grow it into a business in which you sustain your lifestyle. I am not rich, at least not yet, but the wealth that I have in my health, the ideas that I bring to life, and the faith that I so sturdily rest on allows me to be fulfilled even when my circumstances tell me that I shouldn’t.

I don’t have to carry the weight of others and I will not carry the weight of others. The lightness I feel comes from putting myself and my work first and being unapologetic about it. The lightness I desire will come from aligning my mind, body, and spirit in order to complete the goals I have set for myself this year. I believe and know that accomplishing these goals will once again change the trajectory of my life and I will be raised to a new level. Levels that won’t come with struggle but lessons to continuously elevate me so I can walk in the purpose that was set for me.

The lightness I feel comes from trusting myself, working quietly & diligently, and always existing from a place of gratitude.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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