“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”  — Hilaire Belloc

Everyone can feel the difference between emptiness and fullness, and it is this experience that allows us to feel our way to better lifestyle choices. Today we learn that there are many kinds of hunger, but only one state of fulfillment. When you give yourself what you really want and need, unhealthy habits, such as overeating, cease to be a problem.

Instead of fighting against a habit that always fights back, ask yourself, “What am I hungry for right now?” then seek to satisfy that hunger directly.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

CENTERING THOUGHT: In fulfillment, I lack for nothing.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Ananda Hum (I am pure joy.)

1.) Write about a lack in your life that is being filled by cravings or bad habits.

I’m unsure if I would call it a lack in my life but the desire to produce causes anxiety and/or worry at times that can trigger poor habits on my end. The issue isn’t that I can’t create nor is it that I am lacking ideas or resources. I have to keep in mind that everything is a process and in a time where everyone wants instant results, producing things putting them out into the world with no real intent or structure this can be difficult. The ability to focus on oneself is key and sometimes in order to do that you must detach from the world and focus on yourself.

2.) Now, write down how you can more directly address that lack. For example, if a lack of self-esteem is a big part of what’s driving unhealthy habits, consider helping someone using a talent you have. It could be giving piano lessons if you are a musician, or helping them sort out their business expenses if you are good with numbers.

  • Celebrate the success of others without passing judgement.
  • Take social media breaks.
  • Be cautious in the people I choose to share my ideas & plans.
  • Know that my path is my own no matter how others may attempt to infiltrate or discredit it.
  • Take nothing personal.
  • Pray & meditate daily.
  • Be more conscious in respecting the process, I didn’t get to where I am over night.

3.) List the areas of your life in which you already feel fulfilled, and then write down how you can start building on that fulfillment.

I am fulfilled with myself, my relationships, my work, and my faith. However I am human and sometimes we have the ability to overthink situations or feel lack. This can be a result of feeling as if we aren’t doing enough because things haven’t or aren’t manifesting in our own time. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and assess where we were and where we are. Take a step back from the greater picture of our vision and realize that we are living our dreams daily. Reflecting over old goals while using those accomplishments to keep us grounded and motivated that we are more than capable to complete the tasks at hand.

4.) Daily Reflection:

It’s quite easy to feel inadequate when you’re on a journey to figure yourself out let alone when you don’t know yourself at all. Even those who have confidence in themselves and are comfortable in their paths can experience moments of uncertainty due to the nature of the experiences we have with others on a daily basis. Social media and social networking has its positives and negatives just like with anything else in this world. The trick is knowing how and when to use these tools and maybe just that, viewing them as a tool and not a necessity. Having once been used as a way to connect and keep in touch, somewhere along the line social media has become a place to prove. What we often fail to realize is that  most people naturally only display that in which they would like for you to see. This has led to meaningless discussions and memes pitting those who have or are capable versus those who don’t have or simply are not interested in certain things. People think that if you’re into Jordans, then you don’t have a passport or take trips. If you take trips, then you don’t have a mortgage. Everyone’s desires aren’t the same let alone their goals. And yes, there are people who have and do all of the above. Just because you can’t fathom how someone manages to live and enjoy their life doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong. It also doesn’t mean that they neglect their responsibilities to experience what you may deem as a luxury. The same goes for natural hair girls who like to shame those who wish to twerk and embrace their sexuality. You can do and be both; none of us has to be one thing. Fulfillment comes from living your life fully how you see fit, not policing the lives of others. It’s hard to imagine someone being completely happy in their situation when you aren’t totally pleased with your own. We aren’t talking about the image you portray to the world but the feelings you experience when you can’t stand to be alone with yourself. Fulfillment just like happiness, is an inside job. The day we can stop shaming people for doing what they please with their tax money and be happy that they are experiencing something outside of their immediate surroundings will be the day that you’ll find a little more peace in your life. Power and fulfillment doesn’t come from money, power and fulfillment comes from self confidence. Self confidence is quiet but it’s presence can be felt. There’s nothing you have to prove to the world because you’re too busy doing what you can to make the world better. People don’t even realize how effortlessly their insecurities pour out through their social networks. Nor do they realize how unbalanced they are because they spend their days trying to prove a point through 140 characters and a few photos that doesn’t represent who they are in the slightest. Everyone has become a character but few possess the characteristics of integrity and certainty (confidence in themselves).

I’m not even sure if people even know what genuinely makes them happy these days. Most people buy and plan with the intent to post. People every day constantly saying what they’re going to do and none of it ever manifests. Yet and still they’re so busy moving without a purpose that they don’t realize those who are grounded even in the slightest can see the cyclical behaviors yielding all talk and no production. Yet and still there’s no judgement just observations. What people fail to realize is that those who know their path and are secure in said path  want them to win. Those who know themselves & are constantly seeking fulfillment from that space wish for others to do the same. I just know that it can be difficult in a world where they manipulate you to believe that likes and followers equate to self worth. That online interaction means you actually know a person when in reality you don’t have the slightest clue as to who they are and what they’re really about.

To me it’s crazy that at 31 years old, life sometimes still feels like high school on a larger scale. That’s not a world I want to be a part of. Yes, I’m in that world but I’m not of it. My fulfillment comes from real life interaction and relationships. Establishing meaningful connections in person and in passing allows you to feel someones energy not just the face they portray to the world. Fulfillment for me comes from maintaining a level of privacy in my life because I know that the things that mean most to me are protected and given the space to grow sacredly.

“Not a point to prove, nor an argument to make.” Rest on that, live that. Somewhere along the lines you’ll start to see the good in and around you. In turn your soul and spirit will begin to swell with happiness, confidence, and inspiration. You’ll begin to live your best life on your terms and remain solid in the time frame in which it manifests itself. Share but don’t overshare protect that which is important to you. You have no idea how much and what kind of energy you are inviting your way by giving the world every aspect of your life. Those who are unhappy will try and discredit the happiness that you possess. They will try to find discrepancies in your story and the truths that you walk in. When you are internally fulfilled it comes with an unexplainable level of peace. In that peace you can create, establish meaningful relationships, and live the life you truly desire. The first step is simply being appreciative of what you have but knowing there is nothing wrong with desiring more. Another important step is being happy for others even when their lives make no sense to you. This directly coincides with one of the most important aspects of fulfillment, MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Who cares if people want to put on a show? Who cares if people spend their last to buy things and can’t pay their bills in real time? Those things are not your concern nor are they your problem. Live a life that is a walking example of the goodness that can come from being solid in yourself and not being concerned with others.

Every time I think that I am close to ending this, a new thought comes into my head. (I’ll try to make this my last.)


  • Confidence
  • Willingness to help others & celebrating their successes
  • Acting/doing with purpose
  • Being open to criticism
  • Not taking things personally
  • Minding your own business
  • Knowing that everything will be okay even if its not how you imagined at the time
  • Taking time to replenish yourself
  • Having the ability to say “No”
  • Knowing you’re still whole even if you are having a bad day
  • An inside job


  • Using people
  • Taking people’s ideas
  • Manipulating people
  • Feeling like you have something to prove
  • Seeking validation in things
  • Your excessive selfies coupled with a deep quote
  • Tearing down the ideas and paths of others
  • Lack of reciprocation
  • Complaining
  • Something that can be found outside of yourself

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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