“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“The light within us can always identify our mind’s darkness.” 

― Munia Khan

In today’s meditation, we become more aware of what’s really happening inside, including our old issues from the past.

It can feel scary to acknowledge these feelings, but this can be done with knowledge and patience where these issues dissolve in the light of awareness. Today we explore our true self as luminous awareness.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

CENTERING THOUGHT: I let negativity and darkness dissolve in my light.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Aroot Perum Jothi (I bring the light of divine grace into my Being).

1.) Consider one personal issue you’d like to heal, such as anger or insecurity. List the ways that you were aware of this issue today.

One issue that I would really like to heal I believe is insecurity. Not insecurity in the typical vain sense because I am happy with myself and my appearance but more so mental insecurities. All of my life I know that I have had very strong mental and intellectual capabilities. Somewhere along the lines I muted and withheld those abilities because it wasn’t always “cool” and acceptable to be different. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t different. Be it the only girl playing basketball, exceeding in school, being in the band and excelling in that. I always had positive reinforcement that instilled in me that it was okay to stand out and that I was capable of doing extraordinary things but one day I lost that. I know that I’ve dealt with and worked through those things but there are times where I ask myself how do I have the audacity to do the things that I’m doing. What makes me feel like I am worthy to have this voice. The ways in which I work through this is by not giving up, working through the mental droughts, and constantly seeking inspiration.

2.) Having listed your awareness of the issue, write down how you could have reacted differently. For example, instead of getting angry and blaming someone else, you could have owned your own feelings.

During the times in which I have shut down I know its then that I need to create the most. I need to harness that energy and express it because having those feelings are natural and ok. I need to know that I am biggest obstacle and not allow my mind to defeat my spirit and hinder my purpose. I must also surround myself with those who lift me up and encourage me. When I can’t surround myself with those individuals I have to have the strength to get through these moments on my own. The best way to do this is to pray and seek God through meditation.

3.) Reflect on the healing victories you have experienced in the past. Maybe you used to be afraid of dogs as a child until you gradually learned to be relaxed around them and enjoy their company. It doesn’t matter how small these victories may be. Write about how you have healed in the past to reinforce the belief that you can heal your present issues through awareness and the power of intention.

Some small healing victories for me would be:

  • Traveling to new and familiar places on my own.
  • Jumping into the ocean and experiencing that freedom although I’m not the best swimmer.
  • Starting my own business with little to nothing and not giving up.
  • Trying new foods.
  • Seeking to heal as opposed to self medicating.
  • Setting priorities for myself and adhering to those priorities.

4.) Daily Reflection:

I am more than capable of living the life I want to live. I am already living the life that I want to live. No matter if I remain stagnant or if I continue to grow into my vision, there will always be things that can be said or thought about me. With that being said, I choose to walk the path that I have laid for myself knowing that I am capable because I have already begun. My journey is that of my own and the resources that are meant for me will be laid at my feet when the time is right. I dare to have the audacity to know that I was created for greatness and I am grateful that audacity was instilled in me from childhood. I will honor myself and those who have come before me by using this audacity to change my life and the world. I am healed of past pains and insecurities and as I uplift others my healing will continuously take place. I desire for any unresolved issues to show themselves so that they can be resolved and open up space for all that is positive and necessary for me to continue to grow.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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