“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“You write your life story by the choices you make.” ― Helen Mirren

We are all living a personal story, and every story has ups and downs, low points and high points. But what’s important is the theme that structures and guides our story.

When your story has positive, life-supporting themes, you have found the key to transformation. Changing your theme is more effective than trying to fix yourself one issue at a time. The most positive themes include lightness, worthiness, self-acceptance, evolution, and love.

Your theme should be aimed at making you feel good every day. It should open new possibilities. It should give you optimism that you are being renewed.

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

CENTERING THOUGHT: My story is about nurturing my life in every way.


1.) Looking around the room or outside the window, write down five new things you see that you haven’t noticed before. For example, you might notice how the sun glints off the leaves of the trees, the shadows cast by pictures on the wall, or the faint smells in the room.

Per the meditation I definitely did this wrong lol, I envisioned newness. Things that I would like to see as opposed to things that I am now noticing. I’m going to rest on that and the faith that it manifests.

2.) Thinking about your life story, compose a few lines about how two themes – love and light – have been entwined in it.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt loved and love around me. During my childhood I remember moments of sadness mostly but not a lot of dark moments. That sadness was often brought on by the darkness someone I loved seemed to be experiencing or fighting. Even through those dark moments the love that they had for me allowed instances of light to pierce the darkness that their hearts may have held. As a child you don’t understand these things but as you grow into an adult you come to realize that your parents and loved ones are people first. They have their own battles they have to fight and their own paths that they have to walk. Fighting the moments of darkness that I have experienced I can now say were due to lack of love. Not to say that there weren’t people in my life that did not love me, but due to things that I had experienced, I was incapable of receiving that love. I could have instances of pleasure and fun but ultimately internally I resided in a dark space. It was not until I manifested self love and realized that I was existing from a very shallow place that my life began to radiate light. Love brings light; this illumination then trickles into everything that you touch, brings forth life in the words that you speak, and carries you when you grow weary and are unable to carry yourself. Feeling, being, and receiving love does not mean that you won’t ever get down or that you won’t experience moments of hardship. What it means is that you will not allow yourself to be overcome with darkness, potentially slipping down a slippery slope. Love and light reminds you of the choices that you have. Choices that ultimately will light up your life if you make them from a place of love.

3.) What new theme do you want to unfold in your life story? Is it intimacy, creativity, joy, security, success? Putting your attention on this theme alone, describe how it could manifest in the coming weeks.

The new theme that I want to unfold in my life’s story is an abundance of creativity backed by the confidence to work tenaciously, that in turn manifests success in my various ventures. This can manifest by being consistent and adhering to my routines. Making the right choices and being comfortable in my decisions.

4.) Daily Reflection:

MAKTUB. (It is written.)

“Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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