“Getting Unstuck: Creating A Limitless Life” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, let the mind remain in the present moment.” – Buddha

Today’s meditation shows us that the root of getting stuck is awareness leaving the present moment and attaching to the past or the future. But present awareness is never stuck or limited – it flows effortlessly in “the now.” In order to release the blockages and frustration that occur when our attention attaches to the past or future, we must learn to recognize the presence of our true self in each present moment.

“Getting Unstuck: Creating A Limitless Life” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

CENTERING THOUGHT: I am never stuck when I live in the present.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Om Hreem Namah (Life is one unified wholeness.)

1.) List the three most distracting things in your daily life that keep you from living in the present, such as too much stress, too many demands on your time, or a habit of worrying.

  1. Too many demands on my time for certain.
  2. Worrying about the future even if it’s not for myself.
  3. When I waste time on social networks.

2.) For each of these distractions, write down one thing you can do today to improve the situation, even in small way.

When it comes to the demands on my time, I need to prioritize things that I need to do versus things that others want me to do. Saying no to reinforce this prioritization is the first step. Worrying sometimes doesn’t manifest within me but can be dumped on me by others. I do worry in my own right but I have reached a point that I can control it when it comes to myself. However when others have burdens, concerns, and fears they can sometimes so carelessly dump those things on you. I have yet to learn how to fully protect myself when this happens. This is actually one of the biggest sources of my stress.Wasting time on social networks isn’t a big thing but it does happen from time to time. I have already taken steps to contain my use of it by not adding any new pages on the new platforms and deleting some of my old pages on existing platforms.

3.) Being calm and centered is part of living in the present. Describe a specific way you will find this feeling today – and preferably every day – such as taking ten minutes at lunch to sit in the sunshine by yourself, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

I find that one of the best ways for me to get calm and remain centered is to just get in my car and take a drive. It doesn’t have to be far or long; but there is something about just cruising down the road, preferably surrounded by trees, windows down that gives me a sense of freedom. When I can’t do this, I take walks or jog. On a more practical level I actually feel centered and calm when I’m working.

4.) Daily Reflection: 

We have to know that we cannot be everything to everyone and in doing so we tend to neglect ourselves and our responsibilities. Yes we are made to help and assist one another but we cannot properly and efficiently do so when we are depleted ourselves. Helping others often times involves us saying “no” and we must know when to do so confidently and unapologetically. Helping others does not involve solving their problems but more so helping them to work their way through their problems. More times than not when we are stuck or seem to get in a rut, there’s choices that we have made or are making that cause stagnancy in our lives. Choices that we know we shouldn’t make or choices that we have yet to make but are apprehensive due to fear. This fear could be of the unknown or it could be the fear of disappointing others. Never be afraid to make the decisions that you have to make to enhance your quality of life even if it means retreating from time to time. Some will understand and others will attempt to make you feel guilty. Watch out for those who try to guilt you into accommodating their lives because I’m sure if there hasn’t been, there will be a time when you will need them and they will be of no assistance. And that’s if you even feel comfortable opening yourself up to them. If you don’t even feel comfortable opening up yourself to someone then you surely shouldn’t allow yourself to feel guilty for not accommodating their needs. More times than not these needs tend to be surface level anyway. People will want your world to stop for their shallowest of needs/problems but won’t or don’t care to check in on your well being on a daily. People will drain the life out of you in the name of fun but when it’s time to replenish you they have absolutely nothing to give. Share your time, effort, and thoughts with those who give as much as if not more than what they take. Those who pour into you without you having to ask. Find your relationships that are reciprocal and feed them. Sometimes being stuck has to do with who and what you choose to accommodate. And until we stop accommodating mediocrity we will encounter the same individuals just with a different face.

“Getting Unstuck: Creating A Limitless Life” is a 21-Day Guided Meditation created by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra, to learn more click here.

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