Unconvention Ambition (UA Consulting) is an entity housed under LameWay Enterprises. Conceptualized in 2009, it formally became a company based out of Hampton, VA in 2012. Unconventional Ambition was founded based on the notion that there is no specific path on the road to success. Each of us are birthed with a different purpose fueled by unique passions and it is our mission to help individuals seeking to grow personally and professionally cultivating the voice that resonates from within. Personal growth is our main focus as we believe this is the foundation necessary to grow in all other areas of your life. Below are some of the services that we provide to help enhance your personal and professional lives. If any of these services interest you, please fill out the form on our Contact page and be sure to address the categorial nature of your email in the subject box. We will be sure address your needs and concerns in a timely fashion. Thank you first and foremost for believing in yourself enough to seek change and also trusting us to be a catalyst in the changes you seek.

Business Consulting
If you have an idea that you cannot seem to cultivate into something tangible or if you are already established as a business and desire to revitalize your brand; our UA team can surely be of service to you. We offer various packages to suit the smallest of needs while also housing the ability to completely restructure not only your company but your lifestyle as well. You are provided the tools necessary to incorporate brand awareness, innovative thinking, and efficient work strategies that not only keep in mind the culture of your demographic but encouraging you stay in tune with your consumer base encouraging longevity. Our brand services include but are not limited to:
    • Graphic Design
    • Launching Start Ups
    • Rebranding Established Businesses
    • Website Revamping
    • Full Website Build
    • Contract Compilation/Clean Up
    • Creative Direction
    • Screen printing & Embroidery





If a complete overhaul is not something that your business requires at the moment, a marketing consultation could possibly better suit your needs. Our marketing services  range with the ability to accommodate product specific needs, campaign strategies for event awareness, as well as marketing your company as an entity. Ensuring your products and services resonate with the proper consumer base is just as important as your product itself. Contact our team today so we can identify your needs, convert them into strengths, and grow your business by increasing your visibility and revenue.
Event Organization
Our event planning services are able to accommodate personal, cultural, corporate, and community based clients. Our objective is to provide consultation, oversight in planning, production, and organization of any event you have envisioned for your:

  • Product or book launch
  • Non-Profit Fundraiser

  • Conferences, Seminars, & Community Outreach
  • Art Shows

Freelance Writing
Our freelancing abilities are available to serve you no matter what your request may be. Our services range from but are not limited to articles and product reviews to ghostwriting for a concept you have in mind but are unable to bring to life. If you are uncertain on if we can be of service to you, contact us and we will be sure to exceed your expectations.
The LAME Way
Initially formed under Unconventional Ambition, LLC. (2012); The Lame Way is now housed under LameWay Enterprises. Deriving from the concept of creating a virtual space that promotes positivity, The LAME Way has blossomed into a way of life based on exchanging love, cultivating creativity, and making soul connections. The goal is to place emphasis on LIFE, ART, MENTORSHIP, & ENLIGHTENMENT. Considering our mantra, “Not a point to prove, nor an argument to make” we are about acting as a result of passion and facing our adversities head on, keeping in mind they are nothing more than stepping stones to build us up & lift us higher.
Our Tribe
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